Workshop Wednesday {Math Workshop}

Last week I shared how my kiddos were doing with our Power Reading Workshop...they are still doing AWESOME!  Today I wanted to share with you how we are getting started with Math Workshop.  Last week the kids worked in stations after whole group instruction reviewing multiplication, I wanted to provide them some easier tasks so they could focus on my expectations rather than the content.

This week we focused on a more hands on approach during our guided practice, which took a bit longer than planned.  We haven't made it to Math Stations this week but hoping to get there tomorrow and Friday as they are comprehending the focus standards more and more throughout the week.

I wanted to share that we don't always get to what we have planned and that is OKAY!  As teachers our focus is making sure our students are mastering skills not completing our "to do list".  If my students aren't successful with the skills then they will struggle in math stations.

I am excited for some of the hands on activities we have been working with, and wanted to share a few pictures with you.  Our district has us starting with Geometry...which I really dislike, but we have to follow the rules.  We have been provided Meaningful Math task by our district curriculum specialist which are to help drive our instruction.  This week's task was the following:

"The minute hand on this clock moved 90 degrees clockwise, how much time elapsed? If the minute hand move 180 degrees clockwise, how much time elapsed?" They then showed a picture of a clock with the time shown.

I didn't front load my kids, just discussed what clockwise meant, and them provided them with a small Judy clock.  Several pulled out their notebooks and protractors and started exploring.  The hardest part for the kids was not getting an answer from me.  Each day as we learn more and more throughout the week the we reference this task.  On Friday they will be given the opportunity to answer the task again, and then THEY will share the answer.


  1. You start with Geometry? Wow, I can't imagine...your activity looks great. I love the hands on stuff.

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  2. Whew! That does sound rough starting with geometry, but I totally understand having to "do" what "they" say! I love the idea of using a clock for angles and covering elapsed time, too! I will have to do that this year... in March when we get to Geometry. LOL Thank you for linking up!

  3. Great idea combining clocks and angles together. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love what you said about teachers not always getting to what they had planned for the day! That has been me for the first five days of school. This activity for geometry looks great using the clocks and you are making the district requirements work for you! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. Love live love the application part if this. Gotta lets us know if the kiddos make the connect later with fractions.


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