Can you believe 2015 is over!?! It's amazing how fast the years start to pass as I get older. To recap my year I decided to do a fun Highs and Lows post.

 High: Started 2015 with several snow/ice days here in NC.
 Low: Making up the snow days at the end of the school year.

 High: Receiving my free shirt from A Plus Images for Vegas.

Low: I ended up not making it to Vegas for the TpT Conference. :(

High: Our school year started out with a fun team building activity and has continued to keep a positive moral!

Low: We haven't done one since, but continue to work hard at keeping everyone positive.

High: I LOVE my job! Being and Instructional Coach is very rewarding. I love being able to support teachers and students!
Low: I don't have much to blog about. :( When I had my own classroom I blogged about what we did, as a Coach much of my job is confidential and I'm unable to share all that I do.

High: My high student number meme went viral at the beginning of the school year.

Low: I failed to watermark it :(   (I added it for this blog post).
 High: My Apple Place Value Game made the TpT Newsletter in September!
Low: I haven't created or done much with TpT this year.

High: A few of my teachers and I had the wonderful experience of attending Solution Tree's PLC Conference.  This was truly one of the best I've ever attended!
Low: Dr. DuFour is in Stage 4 of lung cancer and will no longer be able to share his passion with others. (His wife and team will continue his legacy.)

High: I was missing the classroom a little, so when a 4th grade teacher moved this fall I covered her class part of the day.  One of the students melted my heart when he stated this...
Low: Grading papers and juggling teaching and coaching!

I have no complaints about 2015 and look forward to what 2016 has to bring.  I am planning on spending more time blogging again and creating products. I have so many ideas and just have neglected making time to create again. 

Happy New Year!

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