I am updating this post and linking up with Ideas by Jivey's Workshop Wednesday.  My go to site for math is Learn Zillion.  I teach an Exceptional Children's inclusion class and show my students the video lessons first then take each slide one at a time.  This site has really helped with teaching them the new concepts of Common Core.


Some of you may already know about Learnzillion.com, I was just introduced to it this year by one of my teammates.  I must say I {Heart} this site! It is a great resource for power point lessons that are Common Core aligned and FREE!

At my school we all share planning responsibilities.  Two teachers plan Reading for the year, a different teacher plans Writing, Science, & S.S., while another teacher and I plan Math.  My teammate and I alternate skills in which we plan to give ourselves a break from planning.  We also have cluster classes, two low, two highs, and one average (we did have two average but had to disperse the class).  As grade level chair I wanted a low and high cluster teacher planning Reading and Math to ensure all levels were being met.  The great thing about Learnzillion is once you have downloaded the PP you can add slides to it.  This is where we adjust the lesson to fit our students needs.

I just completed a weeks worth of lesson plans in 90 minutes!  Can you believe that!  This includes creating homework sheets to go along with the lessons.

I have also used there ELA lessons with my class to supplement the plans my teammates have created.  I have the EC cluster and my students need more direct instruction when learning or reviewing skills.  LearnZillion lessons can be viewed as a video or PP presentation.  Often I will include the link to the lesson video in a SmartBoard lesson to trick my students into watching a "movie".

My only complaint with LearnZillion is they don't have lessons for all CC standards yet, at least for fourth grade.  I have used other grade level lessons to teach skills.  I hope you find this site as useful as I do!

From the homepage (once you have created a Login) you can see there are tons of useful tools.  I haven't tried them out yet.  If you have please share your experience :)

This shows 1 of 3 pages for lessons for patterns.

Just click on the Math skill you are working on.

Just click on the ELA skill you are working on.

What are your favorite sites to reference when planning your lessons?
We are having a lazy day at my house today which means I am getting some school work done.  Yay!  As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to show my appreciation for all my new followers by creating some freebies.  I created a Multiplication review and a Subtraction Review with regrouping.  Enjoy!


I am overwhelmed with all the support and followers in the last 24 hours!  I would like to thank Diane at Teaching with Moxie for showcasing my Blog Goal for 2013.  With your sweet gesture I have already doubled my followers!  You all have shown how supportive and grateful we are of each other and our ideas.  Thank you so much!

To show my gratitude I am going to work on some freebies this weekend!  I am also putting my new Runaway Ralph Unit on sale, 20% off for my 20+ new followers, for today and tomorrow!

Last night I finally completed my Runaway Ralph Unit.  We started the book before break and I was creating the mini-unit a day prior to teaching it, nothing like last minute planning.  I created this unit for partner or group activities.  Collaborating is a skill my students need to work on, they struggle with sharing ideas and staying on task.  These can be used for a whole class reading, literature circles, or guided reading groups.  Here is a preview of the Mini-Unit:

Thank you again!  Now to work on one of my personal goals I am off to the gym!

Teaching Maddeness

I am linking up to Teaching Maddeness' New Year's Resolution linky party!  2012 was a crazy year for us but a good one as well.  The past year has helped me decide my goals for 2012, hopefully posting this will make me more accountable :)

My School Goals:

1. Leave by 3:45 or earlier.  My students are dismissed at 2:30 and we are required to stay until three.  I usually avoid all work my socializing with my coworkers until 4 or 4:30. This takes time away from my family and puts me behind in planning and grading.  

2. Stop sweating the small stuff and let things go.  I have a challenging class and group of parents this year and have let these challenges get to me emotionally.  My goal for myself is to let it all go as soon as I walk out of my room at 3:45.  As you know in our profession it is difficult to stop thinking about things at home.

My Personal Goals:

1. To exercise 4-5 days a week.  This past summer I was doing great with this (I lost 14.4 lbs), but with family emergencies and the start of school this went to the back burner.  I still have 15-20 lbs to loose.

2. Improve my relationship with God.  My husband and I just purchased a Weekly Devotional Book for Couples and look forward to completing this throughout 2013.  I also am going to set aside a time each day to read his word.  I believe with this goal all my other goals will fall into place :)

My Blogging Goals:

1. To post pictures from my class.  I am horrible at remembering my camera!

2. To get at least 200 followers :) PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS GOAL! THANKS!
I also linked up with Teaching with Moxie!

I cannot believe we are on Christmas Break!  The school year is flying by, we are half way done with this school year!  What do you plan to do during your break?  Are you traveling?

We did a lot of traveling this summer so we are staying home for the holidays and enjoying my baby boy's First Christmas at home.  I cannot wait for my boys to open their presents, I think they are going to have a great Christmas!

Over my break I plan to finish up my Runaway Ralph unit and work on a mini-math unit for my class and TpT store.  This is a very challenging year for me, personally and professionally, so I am hoping this break will give me my "mojo" back for the rest of the year.  I also look forward to some quality time with my boys and hubby.  We are lucky that my husband has the same holiday leave as I do so we can take the opportunity to do some family outings and activities.

I created a Spot On Research Report lesson plan and materials pack for expository writing a few months ago.  My students have already selected their animals and started some research before we left for break.  This unit includes 11 days of lesson plans and all sheets included to teach students how to plan, research, take notes, organize their information, write an introduction and conclusion, and create a bibliography.  This is a great resource to have for any research topic!

You can find it HERE

and a Blog Hop!
It's that time again to link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently post!  I love these post because you get to find new blogs and bloggers.

Listening:  We have started watching a new show, Chicago Fire.  My hubby and I are addicted to our nightly tv shows.  It's a time we get to hang out without our kids and just relax.

Loving: I love this this time of year!  Christmas decorations are the prettiest.  There is nothing like a dark room lit by white Christmas lights, stockings hung from the mantle, and putting out nativity scenes.

Thinking: Progress Reports go home Friday and I don't have all my grades entered in the online grade book. I also will be out Friday and need to write my sub plans and run copies.

Wanting:  This has been a LONG week and it is only WEDNESDAY!  This week has really made me reflect on my class, teaching, and education in general.  I am wanting Christmas break to start tomorrow!  I need time to relax and make some decisions.

Needing: I haven't bought a single Christmas present for my boys!  This is the baby's first Christmas I have no idea what to get him.  He wants his brother's toys and our electronics, any suggestions!?!

Random Acts of Kindness:  Recently our custodian was told he had prostate cancer.  I have decided to get a grocery gift card to provide him and his wife with some financial help during his time off for surgery.  Praying everything goes well for him!

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