Merry Christmas

I cannot believe we are on Christmas Break!  The school year is flying by, we are half way done with this school year!  What do you plan to do during your break?  Are you traveling?

We did a lot of traveling this summer so we are staying home for the holidays and enjoying my baby boy's First Christmas at home.  I cannot wait for my boys to open their presents, I think they are going to have a great Christmas!

Over my break I plan to finish up my Runaway Ralph unit and work on a mini-math unit for my class and TpT store.  This is a very challenging year for me, personally and professionally, so I am hoping this break will give me my "mojo" back for the rest of the year.  I also look forward to some quality time with my boys and hubby.  We are lucky that my husband has the same holiday leave as I do so we can take the opportunity to do some family outings and activities.

I created a Spot On Research Report lesson plan and materials pack for expository writing a few months ago.  My students have already selected their animals and started some research before we left for break.  This unit includes 11 days of lesson plans and all sheets included to teach students how to plan, research, take notes, organize their information, write an introduction and conclusion, and create a bibliography.  This is a great resource to have for any research topic!

You can find it HERE

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  1. Hello! I found your blog through the Winter Sale linky....I saw your blog name and knew I had to check out your blog :) I am you newest follower!

  2. Hello! I am your newest follower both on here and at TPT. I also teach 4th grade and have 3 sons. :)

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