Five for Friday...Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!  My family celebrates today as a family holiday...why?  My maiden name means bad luck and we have found a way to celebrate it on the unluckiest day of the month.  We all send each other "Happy Holiday" messages every Friday the 13th on Facebook :)  We tend to have good luck on these days and embrace our name.

Can you believe I am posing Five for Friday on a Friday!?!  See Friday the 13th IS a good day for me :)

1. Tonight I had an AMAZING experience at our women's ministry event!  I was to bring a sweet and didn't have time to make something from know busy mom, soccer practice, and teaching.  So I used my friend's quick tip...."Homemade" PB Brownie Bites.  They LOOK homemade but they are store bought!  First, pick up some mini brownies from the bakery, next melt some PB in the microwave use to frost the brownies, and finally sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.  DELICIOUS!

2. Wednesday I shared about my students working on a Meaningful Math Task created by my district.  Monday the kids explored with clocks and protractors to determine the answer.  After a week of learning more about angles they answered the question in their notebooks.  I LOVE when they "get it"!

 3.  We started making inferences from informational text this week and used one of my BBB Amelia's {Where the Wild Things Learn} task cards from her Reading Informational Text Pack {HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!}  I had an "AH HA" moment and cut the question worksheet into task cards and clued them to the back of the task card!  I then used them during my small group instruction.  These were great and my students did really well on them!

4. My BBB Jivey has done it again...created another INCREDIBLE product!  This time she has created an Interactive Language Notebook to go along with her Mentor Sentences!  Just when you couldn't imagine anything better than her Mentor Text Units, she creates an interactive notebook to go with each sentence. This week we worked on adjectives as our focus from our mentor sentence, and my students completed Jivey's adjective pie from her new product.  The kids love this activity!  I then had them write sentences using the adjectives.  Notice this student LOVES to use the word "really" as an adjective. :)  *Jivey has this on sale right now :)

5. I LOVE POST-IT NOTE TABS!!!  Just had to put that out there :)  I gave each student a post-it note tab to use in each of their notebooks.  They simply open right up to the tab to find the next blank page, I use it to find the page they worked on in order to grade their work.  Best part....they aren't too sticky and just sticky enough!

Bonus:  This is my "baby" (18 mo) acting like a big boy this morning.  He climbed up into his brother's chair at our kitchen bar and ate his pop tart.  Love him <3

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  1. Your PB Bites look awesome. Yum!
    I also love Post-it tabs....although I love all things Post-it!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  2. Totally copying those PB Brownie Bites-they look delish! I love using the idea of the post-it tabs-brilliant Jessica! So much easier for us to grade-I need as many time savers as I can get!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I need to use the sticky note tabs for our notebooks! :)

  4. What a cutie you have there!! I also love post it note tabs...until they fall out! Have a great weekend!
    Pinkadots Elementary

  5. Okay so I need to go see those task card thingys. And figure out how to claim my blog for blog lovin'. Thanks for "launching" me.

  6. Those brownie bites look amazing! I need to learn more about mentor sentences. It seems like a great idea, especially paired with the interactive notebooks!

  7. I'm a "budding blogger" and I'm so glad I found your link up button! I can't seem to find the page to add my blog to,! :)

    Miss White's Classroom

  8. Thanks so much for the shout-out, friend!! And those peanut butter brownie bites look aaaahhhhh-mazing!
    ideas by jivey
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  9. I would love to link up to Budding Blog, but the link seems to be damaged. Can you help me? :)


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