Tried It Tuesday {Science Interactive Notebooks}

This summer I worked on several Interactive Science Notebooks and have received great feedback on them.  Many of you have requested more!  This is my first year implementing Science Interactive Notebooks and have decided to do so to make my lessons more hands on.  I have to be honest, teaching Science isn't my favorite and often difficult to find time in the day to do a quality lesson.

This week we started our magnets unit and the kids and I are really enjoying it! On the first day I had my students completed the K-W-L chart and we watched a Brain Pop video.  On day two we focused on our vocabulary for the unit.  One thing I LOVE about the interactive notebooks are that if I only have 10-20 minutes for a lesson I can complete the lessons with the interactive pages of the notebook. Yesterday we explored with magnets and my students wrote down their observations.  They LOVED this activity!

I found these for $1 at Michael's, aren't they great for this uint!?!

I love using Interactive Notebooks in Science and so do my students. They are getting pretty quick with cutting and glueing their pieces so we can start exploring with our science topic.  Managing Interactive Notebooks has also been quite simple for me.  I grade the students for each page completed in their notebooks, this really helps with ensuring they have a good number of grades represented for their Science grade.

I just finished up my newest Interactive Notebook for Physical Properties of Matter {CCS 4.P.2.1}!  I am really excited for this unit because of the variety of activities/foldables and Science Probes.  This unit also includes Find-Someone-Who and a Matters Quiz.  For today only ALL of my Interactive Science Notebooks are 20% off!

*Keep checking back because I am almost finished with the Rocks & Minerals Interactive Science Notebook {CCS 4.P.2.2}!


  1. Your science notebooks look great - I wish I was teaching my class science this year!

  2. These look fantastic! I love my interactive notebooks and have seen a huge difference in retention since using them. Wish I taught science- I'd snag these in a heartbeat :)
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  3. I can't wait to use your magnet one. I picked it up during the sale and I can't wait to use it.

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  4. perfect. My kids were just asking me today what we were going to do besides our Science textbook and digital lessons. I said..."Um, you've done three digital lessons total in the 3 weeks we've been back...surely you can't be bored already. Give me this weekend to plan something more exciting after we get through Open House!!!!!!! I promise I will make it more fun after I catch my breath!" Lol...maybe I'll just give them the standards and let them plan the activities. It might be interesting!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I purchased this unit and have just started using it. We did the KWL and will finish the vocabulary tomorrow. My students love it so far! I will also be linking up on your new blogger linky. Thanks for doing that! I have a few more things to add first.


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