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Can you believe it...6 post in 7 days!  I think I am finding my back to school routine :)  Today I am linking up with Joanne over at Head Over Heels for Teaching.  Over the summer I shared how I use a Classroom Economy to motivate my students to complete homework, do well in class, and to work hard.  Today I wanted to share with you how it has been working this year.

My kids love being paid at the beginning of the month, earning money for completed homework, and for behaving well.  They do not like paying desk rent, fines for changing their color, or not getting paid when everyone else is for completing their homework.  Their favorite part of our class economy is our Class Store.  Every Friday students can purchase items from our class store using their class checkbooks.

I post the large check on the board with a price list of items from the store.  Students write their checks and are not allowed to shop until their check is completed, this is a time saver management piece.  Otherwise they would take forever!

Students can purchase tickets or passes for a variety of items.  This week Computer Free Time was popular.

During the week I use a class list to keep track of student deposits and withdraws. The first column shows the amount of money they have at the beginning of the week.  As they earn money or pay fines I simply write + or - and the amount.  I then calculate their final amount and check it with their check register in their checkbooks, I only do this on Fridays.  I have some students who are saving up, not sure for what, and then some who spend every dollar they earn.

To read my original Classroom Economy Post go HERE :)


  1. This is a great idea for motivation, and it prepares students for the real world. Thank you for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  2. I hear you on the blogging. I feel like I am finally getting into the groove of things too. I love that this teaches the kids how to budget and to not take things for granted.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  3. I love your system, you make it sound so easy! I need to get settled (still not!) before I can take on this project! (It's on my wish list) I loved it as a kid and what better way to teach real world math! Thanks for linking up and sharing Jess!
    **Impressive amount of blogging-I didn't even read any all week! :( I'll get back in the swing of things!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Great ideas! I run a classroom economy too, but we save our money until the end of the year to purchase raffle tickets for lots of prizes. We also pay taxes in April -- quite a shocker for my 4th graders (and their parents!). Lots of fun!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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