Workshop Wednesday: Geometry

Today I am linking up with my BBB Jivey to share Geometry ideas.  I have posted several of them in my Mathematical Monday Linky, but since we are most likely the ONLY district who teaches Geometry the first  nine weeks, I decided to highlight some of the great activities we did.

 We used straws to discover different types of triangles. Read about it HERE.

We manipulated shapes and letters to find lines of symmetry.  I also posted a Symmetry Freebie HERE.

We reviewed how to measure angles with the protractor while making a fall craft.

Some of my favorite geometry resources are:

Task Cards for 4th Grade Common Core - Geometry    Common Core Math Task Cards - Measuring Angles CCSS 4.MD.6 
Kim Miller's Task Cards                              Math Mojo's Task Cards

Geometry Printables: Lines and Angles
Downeast Teacher's Geometry Printables
 (She also has a wonderful protractor freebie!)


  1. Lots of fun ideas! I love the triangles with straws!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Thanks for the great resources!! I love the candy corn idea!!!


  3. Love the straw idea!! Thanks for linking up!! :) :)

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