Mathematical Monday {Fractions of a Whole Number & a FB Freebie}

Last week we wrapped up 4.NF.4 with finding fractions of a whole number.  Before common core I am sure many of you just taught the algorithm and didn't focus too much on the how and why we multiply the fraction and whole number to determine the fraction of a whole number.

While searching for resources that demonstrated or taught the concept of dividing the whole number by the denominator I found the following website

They have a wonderful interactive video for demonstrating dividing the whole number by the denominator.  They use the example of baking cakes and needed to find half of twelve eggs, 2/3 of 12, and 4/6 of 12.

My kiddos LOVED this!  They all wanted a turn to distribute the eggs or select the correct fraction.

 Click HERE to go directly to the fraction video.

I created a quick interactive math notebook foldable, again I could not find one, for my students to add to their notebooks.

As we read the step by step directions I had my students highlight the key words for each step.  I referred back to the video as we went over the steps.

Students then practiced the steps using the three foldables.  I required them to redraw the model under each flap to reinforce the steps.

My kiddos then completed four problems for independent practice.  I did not require them to draw the model three times like we practiced in their notebooks, although I did have some students who did.  You know how I LOVE my have sheets to save copies :)

I hope to create a fractions notebook, but seriously just can't find the time right now, so if you wish to add this to your student's math notebooks you can grab it as an exclusive Facebook Fan Freebie.  If you aren't a fan of I {Heart} Recess hurry over and "like" my page.  You never know when I will do flash freebies! :)  Saturday I celebrated 900 Bloglovin' Followers with NINE flash freebies & a bonus flash freebie to celebrate 600 FB fans!

Congrats to Deb P. for winning my "Gearing Up for the Test ELA Review Game"!


  1. Looks like you did a gear job focusing on developing conceptual understanding of this idea!

  2. I can't seem to link up, am I missing something?
    Hodges Herald

  3. This looks great and oh so helpful.... thanks!


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