Tried it Tuesday {Stretching my copy limit}

Today I am linking up with my friend Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper.  I am not sure how your school is, but we are limited on our number of copies per month.  We receive 1300 copies for the month, I am jealous of those who have copy centers!  Recently I have been stretching my copy limit my reducing sheets to half a sheet of paper.

Here is a full sheet vs a half sheet.  I use the half sheets for any sheet the will reduce well, some sheets have a lot going on which makes them hard to read when reduced.

I try to use the half sheets for morning work and homework.  I have used them for classwork as well.  By reducing the sheets I am able to double my copy limit and cut down on how much paper I use.

For our copier if I print front to back it counts and two copies, again I will reduce the sheets to fit them on the front of one sheet of paper to stretch my copy limit.  These sheets are reading passages from my March Bundle.  Even reduced they are still easy to read and write on.

Another trick I use to save on copies is using the cooperative learning strategy Fan-N-Pick.  I have six teams and therefore only use six copies of a worksheet.  I then cut the worksheet into task cards to use for Fan-N-Pick.

Angela over at The Teacher's Desk 6 is hosting a great giveaway to celebrate her resent milestones!  I hope you stop over and enter to win a great prize pack.  I have donated my March Bundle for her giveaway.


  1. I remember all too well those dreaded copy restrictions. Luckily for me, I have a copy located directly across the hall. I literally walk 6 feet outside my door and there is the love of my school life--the copier. The paper is supplied for me right there, and we have no copy code of shame. I'll take a moment of silence just for you and your copy woes. :)


  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Jessica! I love your ideas for saving paper. I bought your bundle during the recent TpT sale(LOVE IT) and am planning on using a passage this week. I'm going to try printing it as you did. I like the idea of having it all on one page. Thanks!


  3. I love doing half sheets! I usually send off my copies for the next year in April - just the tests and anything I know I will be using. This time around I want to send all my half sheets too. I've never heard of fan and pick. Great idea!

  4. Oh man those copy restrictions!! We don't technically have one just yet but I am sure we will in the near future as we have been starting to get warned more frequently...right now it is watched and you might get an evil eye if you do too much paper copying!! :) Love the idea of reducing the size of the image to be on a half sheet of paper...never would have thought of that! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Learning to the Core

  5. We don't have a limit, but we get a big finger wag when we start using "too many." Except we don't really know what that number is.......... it's kind of a pain.

  6. It could be worse... We aren't even allowed to make our own copies at my school! Apparently everyone went a little copy crazy. Now we have to turn in our copy requests at least 48 hours in advance for an assistant to do for us. They keep track of our numbers in our personal copy folders. For last-minute and forgotten resources, I have to use my printer. I do half sheets and use the "draft" setting to conserve my ink. What a pain!!

  7. I've never made half sheets, but I have cut up worksheets to make as task cards or to use for Scoot. I like the half sheet idea! Our school has a limit, but we've never been told we can't make copies, so it must be pretty large. We have so many required district assessments that are multiple pages, so I guess they put it in the budget. :)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  8. You are so creative in stretching that copy limit! Even if there wasn't a limit, it is always nice to know other ways we can be more Earth friendly. :) Thanks so much for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  9. I do the same thing. We get a box of paper a semester...
    Simply 2nd Resources

  10. We get our copies counted too... a few years back we got quarterly updates... sometimes the number was a little shocking! Lately, administrators are too busy to keep track or inform us but they do often remind us to conserve! The "image combination" feature as our copier calls it is the absolute best! We make "half sheets" all the time... our kids actually use that lingo when describing papers!

    :) Here's to a lower copy count!
    My Shoe String Life.


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