Mentor Text: Women's History Month

It's March and that means it's the month to celebrate AMAZING Women!  There are so many inspirational and courageous women we all admire, why not celebrate them with a good book!

One woman I always focus on this month is Amelia Earhart, the first woman of flight!  Living in North Carolina, the home of the first flight, this seems like a no brainer :)  In our extremely old text book we have the story "Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride".  The students love this story every year. The illustrations are beautiful and the the tale of two friends flight in their evening gowns is wonderfully written.  Every year my kids are amazed that the two women left the White House in their ball gowns to go on a night flight.  

There are several books that tell Amelia's story.  I believe children are drawn to her story because of her determination and mystery of her last flight.  My students have recently fell in love with the "Who Was ___?" series, and I have already seen the Amelia Earhart book floating throughout my room. :)

With only eight days left in March I am marking my March Close Reading Passages Bundle down to $5 for today only!  There is still time to teach your students about some of history's inspiring, courageous, loving, and strong women! I hope they will inspire your students to be AMAZING themselves!


  1. I love this book too! I used it more in 3rd grade when we taught about the Roosevelts in our curriculum! :)

  2. I always read this with my class when I taught 4th grade in NC. Makes me miss 4th grade!

  3. I love the book Amelia and Eleanor! I used to read it when I taught 3rd! Your close reading pack is wonderful! I've used the passages for St. Patrick's Day. Thanks so much for linking up Jess!

  4. I just read this book to my 2nd/3rd grade class last week. It is such a wonderful book!

  5. We just finished reading this book! I actually used the educreations app to record myself reading the story for my students to listen to during Daily 5.


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