Mathematical Monday {Spiral Review & FREEBIES}

How do you ensure your students aren't forgetting math skills they have previously learned?  Today I wanted to share with you how I consistently review previously taught skills with my students.

1. Accelerated Math
Our school uses ACC Math and it is Amazing!  Students complete math questions which have been assigned by me based on the standard we are teaching or reviewing.  Students do not move onto another objective until they have mastered the ones that have been assigned.  I love this program because it is based on the students abilities.  In the beginning of the year I had two students on two-digit multiplication months before I taught it.  ACC Math is a great way to challenge my high achieving students and a great tool for reviewing skills for my average and lower leveled learners.

2. Monster Math
Last year I created my 4th Grade Spiral Review: Monster Math product.  I assign students a new sheet each week, they are to complete it for homework and turn it in on Friday.  Each Monster Math sheet has five questions, one for each Common Core Standard.  I use this as a tool to determine what I need to review more with my kids and as a test prep tool.  As the year progresses the problems become more rigorous. From last week's Monster Math sheet I was able to quickly determine that my kids needed a quick review on how to read a protractor.  About half of the class read it backwards, so we pulled out our protractors and did a quick mini-review lesson.

For a FREE 4 page SAMPLE of my Monster Math click on the above image.

3. Morning Work
Each morning my students are to complete their ACC Math and a math review sheet.  I will use any math practice sheet I can find, and one I haven't used yet, for morning work.  Since we have been working on fractions lately, my morning work has been multiplication and division review.  I try to choose standards we have already covered for morning work to continue our spiral back.

4. Games and Task Cards
Towards the end of the year I use more games and use previously used task cards for games.  Students roll a die or spin a spinner, move their game piece, and answer a task card question.  This is a great way to revisit skills using all the wonderful task cards again. I have created a FREE task card game board for you!  Just click on the image to download this freebie.


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