Mentor Text {Count On Frank}

Today I am linking up with my girls Amanda and Stacia over at Collaboration Cuties!  I have discovered the text, Counting On Frank by Rod Clement. I just ordered this book to use as a review and as a way to introduce measurement to my class.

First, the illustrations are amazing and I know my kids will love them too!  The story is of a boy, he does not have a name in the story, and his dog Frank.  The boy uses Frank to help solve problems and provide the reader with random facts.

The author builds upon the problems in the text, for example for "Roomful of Franks" you will need the answer to question on to solve problem number two.  Problem two reads, "If eight of these Franks went out for a walk, how many would that leave in the house?".

This book is 33 pages long and I can't wait to use it with my kids.  I did notice on Amazon that it is not available in "New" condition so I am assuming it is no longer being printed.

 To go along with page 28 I am going to use my Measurement Review Task Cards.  I created 20 task cards that review metric and customary units of measurement.  ALL of the questions are word problems, ten are multiple choice and the other ten are multi-step/critical thinking tasks.  I have made them April's $1.00 DEAL!

If you haven't grabbed this GREAT deal by Educents you should!  One of my favorite lessons/products from this bundle is Cooking With Science by Teaching with a Touch of Twang.  It's a FABULOUS lesson for Physical and Chemical changes with a real world connection!

I hope you stop by for tomorrow's Mathematical Linky post!  I am sharing how we used decimals on a number line.


  1. This looks like a great book for measurement. Kids are fascinated by whales too. I just saw this amazing video about a whale rescue that you might be interested in. One of my friends shared it on Facebook, and my daughter and I watched it. We did a whale watch about a year ago and were entertained by a breaching whale who rose up and down out of the water over and over again at least 30 times. It was just amazing. Here is the link in case you are interested. These people rescue a humpback that's hung up in fish netting.

  2. I don't have this book! I will have to try to find it since we are going to fly through measurement! And I'll be checking out your measurement task cards as well! Thanks for linking this up!!!

  3. I use this book with our measurements unit every year and it's always a hit! I give students the option of going home and using their pet as a measurement tool for some fun activities. They always come back with the greatest ideas! ~ Lisa


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