Mathematical Monday {Decimals}

Today we started our lesson with a Meaningful Math Task from my district.  I forgot to take a picture of the task on the board, so this is the short version.  My students then answered the question on their student whiteboards.

 I was able to quickly determine who already had made the connection with tenths and hundredths, as well as how they determined their answer.  I could also determine who needed more assistance with this concept.  I love using a writing and critical thinking opener for my math lesson to help determine which direction I need to go with my lesson.

The way some of my students think amazes me.  Reviewing their thinking also teaches me new ways of thinking about how to solve the problem.  My student who turned the decimals into fractions and then cross multiplied blew me away with her choice of method on how to solve this problem. She usually struggles with the introduction of a new skill, today was our first day comparing fractions, and I was impressed with what she came up with.  I even used her answer as an example for the rest of the class.

After students solve the Meaningful Math Task we discuss the variety of ways they solved the problem and relate it to our skill for the day.  We practiced comparing decimals with problems I had on the Smartboard.  Students used their white boards and laminated 100's boards to solve independently and with a partner.

I passed out Joanne's Decimal Scoot cards and had students write the decimal and fraction for model on their card.  Students then paired up with a partner and compared the two fractions.  I had them pair up and compare decimals with a total of three classmates.

Decimal Scoot Game {Task Cards}

By the end of the lesson students had determined their favorite way to compare decimals, either by using models, using fractions, or comparing place values.  They all did awesome on their independent practice!


  1. I like that Meaningful Math Task at the beginning of your post. Some of my students have the hardest time understanding decimal place value and remembering what tenths and hundredths really mean. I plan on posing similar questions to my students now..thanks for sharing!

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