I {Heart} Teaching Science...never thought I would ever say that!

This year one of my goals was to teach more Science, let's face it...it's difficult to get to sometimes.  I also wanted to make sure it was meaningful and fun.  I hated Science in school, I didn't understand it and it required a lot of reading.  To achieve my goal I created my Interactive Science Notebooks, utilize technology, and attempted to do more hands on activities.


My go to Science websites are Brain Pop, Youtube, and Study Jams.  I use all three for a unit and sometimes in one day!  My kids LOVE Brain Pop!  When they see me getting the speakers ready they ask if they are going to watch Tim and Moby.  We use Brain Pop so much that if feels like Tim and Moby are a part of our class. 

Science is just so fun to teach.. I hope you share the love! So some friends and I have teamed up with Educents for an amazing bundle of instant downloads for you!

My products included will surely be loved by your students!  

For this bundle I have included my  TWO of my Interactive Science Notebooks!  You will receive my Rocks and Minerals notebook and my Light notebook.  I have received wonderful feedback on these and other notebooks about how they make teaching Science easier, students enjoying them, and compliments on the activities included.

(Because this was a rough week I am forgot to charge my phone and unable to upload my pics of my notebooks, so I am sharing how others have used my notebooks in their classrooms.)


For a limited time it is $10.99 from Educents which is about 65% off!  It also includes these other great products so there is sure to things you love!  

You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!
Have fun teaching everyone!

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