Tried It Tuesday {The Quietest Pencil Sharpener}

With testing quickly approaching I decided it was time to try out The Quietest Pencil Sharpener to assist with ALL those pencils.  I currently have the following electric pencil sharpener.  It was VERY expensive and does it's job. It's loud and see all the smeared pencil shavings and lead!?!

I couldn't wait to receive my new sharpener!  I attached mine to a bookshelf, there is no lip on the countertop in my room so this was the next best thing.  I couldn't wait to test it out, the kids were also excited about it too!

I found two of my students pre-sharpened pencils and tested each one of them out in each sharpener.  I couldn't believe how long the lead was on the one from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  Normally, it would fall or break off from any other pencil sharpener.  The sharp point is perfect for all those bubbles on our upcoming State Assessments!
 Here is a comparison of the two pencils...can you believe the difference!?!

One of my friends tested out my new sharpener and wanted one for herself.  She sent out an email to our staff asking if anyone else wanted to order one, if you order more than one it ends up being cheaper.  Eleven other teachers also wanted this awesome pencil sharpener!  When she sent out a final email for ordering our Principal sent her a message and asked if he could help out with the order, she asked if he would pay for it and he did!  How cool is that!?!  

You can now find The Quietest Pencil Sharpener in an array of colors all over our school!

To order your sharpener please visit, maybe you can convince your principal to order them for your school too!


  1. That's awesome that your principal paid for it! Score!

  2. Our principal bought one for each grade level to share last year. We all love them, too!

  3. I have two of those sharpeners! They are AMAZING!!!!

    Mind Sparks

  4. I love mine, too, but I wish I had the pink one! I wrote a grant and our PTO bought one for every teacher in the building! So much fun!

  5. I love, love my pencil sharpener too! How lucky you guys are to have such a giving principal! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. I want one of these so bad! It has been on my wish list forever...I might just need to suck it up and buy one.


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