Mentor Text {T is for TarHeel}

Our 4th grade Social Studies unit is all about North Carolina, not being from this state sometimes makes it a little difficult to teach.  I have to research some of our topics before I teach my students because I simply do not know in the content.  I do not have this book, but do plan on purchasing it soon, T is for TarHeel is an excellent resource for my students and I.   

This book tells about North Carolina through the alphabet, A is for Appalachian Mountains, C is for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, etc.  I plan to have my students complete Holly's {from Fourth Grade Flipper} Class ABC Book after I read this aloud.  I want them to be creative in their research and book by trying to choose different aspects of our state for their books than those in this one.

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I just finished my second Interactive Science Notebook unit last night and had fun giving it as a Flash Freebie on FB :)  I loved all the positive feedback I received :) This unit is for 4.P.1.2, Forces & Motion {Electrical Charges}.

Included in this notebook you will find:
Flap books, Science experiment, Written response questions,Task-Cards, Electrical Quiz and answer keys. You will also receive "Teacher Pages" with directions, vocabulary, and suggested answers.

The following Essential Questions are addressed:

What is an electrical charge?
What is static electricity?
How can an electrical charge push or pull objects?

Should I consider bundling my Interactive Notebooks?  Do you prefer to purchase items as you need them or in a bundle?  Thanks for your feedback!


  1. I have quite of few of those alphabet books in my library! I love them! I also have a number book on citizenship :) They are great resources and my students like reading them again and again.

    Not sure if you do anything for Veteran's Day but if you do, H is for Honor is a great addition!

    Thanks for sharing,

    My Shoe String Life
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  2. I love those books and Holly's ABC book. I think we may be doing the same project this year - we should coordinate our schedules :)

  3. These ABC books are great! They have so much information in them!! I love that they will make their own books, too!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. I have a copy of that book if you need it before you get your hands on a copy. It's a great read!
    One Happy Teacher

  5. We make the ABC book for Florida too! They love it! A definite must have for you! :O) Your new unit looks great! You've been busy!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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