Made It Monday {Sports Bedrooms}

This weekend hubby and I worked on the boys' bedrooms.  They each had their own room, but we have decided to move the baby in with our middle son.  We need our office space back because we have junk all through out the house.  

About three years ago we purchased new beds for the boys.  Xavier picked out the baseball bed and Maxton chose the NFL bed.  We have finally gotten around to completing their rooms.

Yesterday we created an accent wall in Xavier's room.  We painted one wall a cream color, I didn't want a bright white, and then painted on the baseball seams.  My parents purchased the vinyl baseball player for him a few years ago for Christmas and we placed it on the baseball. The red stitching is also vinyl I cut using my Cricut.

 Today we are going to finish decorating the other walls so check back next Monday to see what we did. :)

This is Maxton and Carson's room.  We painted this a few months ago and never blogged about it.  My hubby is a Cowboys fan and therefore we are creating little Cowboys fans. The football player is also a vinyl piece my parents purchased a few years ago.


  1. Those rooms are like something right off of HGTV! WOWIE! The boys must absolutely LOVE them!


  2. My boys have a baseball themed room too.
    Did you make that bed???? Where did that come from?
    I WANT THAT!!!

    Hodges Herald

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  4. Love the rooms. My 15 and 17 year olds still have the baseball/basketball themes up in their rooms. I was told I could change them when they left for college!

  5. My step-son has always had a baseball or football themed room. Your ideas are awesome. I saw an example of the baseball wall one time and attempted it...didn't work out. Now he's got a football themed room - his comforter is a red/white/blue/tan quilt so I need to frame a jersey or something to go in there!


  6. Love the Cowboys room! My teenage daughter would like that on her wall!

  7. So cool! I love the headboard! We just redid my daughter's room...while she was out of town. Major overhaul on all the junk in there! She will never know half of it is gone!
    Great job on the rooms!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  8. I found an awesome baseball themed "pin" for you...what's your pinterest username so I can send it to you! It's cute.

  9. My boys would be so jealous - must keep them away from computer!

  10. Love that baseball room! Those seams make all the difference! I bet the boys are thrilled with their rooms!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  11. I LOVE their rooms! It's so nice to have the time to paint and do personal fun crafts!

    Thanks for the prayers.. I need them! :)

    The 4th Grade Journey


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