Mentor Text {Hurricane}

I purchased Hurricane by David Wiesner my first year of teaching in North Carolina.  We had a hurricane that year {actually just really high winds and lots of rain, nothing substancel} and I had a student who was VERY nervous during storms.  My poor kiddo would pace the back of the room and look out the window during storms; so you can imagine how worried he was when the weather man said there was a chance of a hurricane.

Hurricane begins with two brothers worried about the approaching hurricane and describes the boys thoughts and feelings of the storm.  The reader sees how the family prepares for the storm, waits out the storm when the power goes out, and then cleaning up after the storm.  I like how the uses weather vocabulary, for example eye of the hurricane, and explains what the eye is.  Hurricane is a great fiction story to begin or end a unit on weather.

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  1. I love using this book in Reading Workshop too. I use it when we are doing our "Making Connections" mini-lesson. Most, if not all, of my students can make some type of connection with this book.

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  2. I love Hurricane! I use it during writing-tons of personification!
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  3. I've never seen this book! It would be good to read in conjunction with tracking Hurricane data at the end of summer/start of school year.
    I had several students this past year that really had issues with storms. I would watch the news and keep my blinds closed if I kew we would have a storm.
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