Powerful Products Linky Party {4.4.13}

Thank you to Hunter's Tales from Teaching and First Grade Buddies for linking up last week!  I hope more of you join this week!

You can purchase it here from Mandy's TpT store

We are on Spring Break but I wanted to share with you a product by Mandy Neal at Cooperative Learning 365.  I love Mandy's task cards and have purchased several sets.  This particular set was for 4.NF.4.  My students were doing really well with this skill and I used the cards for a fun review or wrap up before break.

I used the cards for Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structure Quiz-Quiz-Trade, I modified a little.  Each student folded a blank paper into a work mat (with 8 or 12 boxes on each side) and numbered their boxes 1-24, one for each task card.  I gave each student a card and they were to solve the problem on their work mat in the corresponding box.  Once finished students stood up so I knew who was still working.

Once everyone, or majority, was standing I had them put up their hand with their card and pair up with a partner.  I require my students to stand back to back to so they are not talking with their partner.  Students kept their hands up so I knew who still needed a partner, I also had a few extra cards in my hand for that one student without a partner.  Students then traded cards on my command and went back to their seats to work on their new problem.  We then repeated the steps.

Students pairing up to trade cards.

She is showing her work and answer on her work mat.

Towards the end many students were getting cards they had already completed so they would come trade with me.  Once the students completed the task cards I placed each card on the Elmo {Document Camera} and went over the problems and answers.  My kids love getting out of their seats and talking so this is one of their favorite cooperative learning structures.

How do you use task cards in your classroom? Centers? Games? Cooperative Learning Structures?

Do you have a product you have purchased or gotten for free that you loved using in your classroom?  Link up and share how you used it in your classroom, can be a new or older post :)  If it is your first time linking up I will send you my Biography in a Bag!

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