Friday Flashback & Five For Friday

This is one time I am not happy it is Friday...that means my Spring Break is almost over :(  This week I focused on my home and family, I actually didn't start working on school stuff until Thursday night.

1. Dr. Seuss:  I found this ribbon at Wal-mart!  No idea what I am going to use it for but I was super excited to find it!  Before break I made an AR test wait list, I only wish I would have done this sooner!

2. Easter:  My mom and step-dad came down for a visit and the boys loved spending time with them!  Here are a few pics from Easter morning.  My mom and I did some serious shopping while she was here, hence the boys' matching outfits :) 

3. Organization:  I spend the week catching up on laundry, cleaning out closets, and organizing disaster areas.

I was tired of the huge mound of shoes by the front door and the stairs banister as the coat rack.  Not the prettiest solution but a functional one!

The EVERYTHING closet!  I should of taken a before picture, you couldn't see the floor, couldn't get a broom without getting something else out of the closet.  Hopefully this summer this closet turns into my new pantry, my current one is too small for three growing boys!
 4. Camping:  My boys and hubby are camping for the weekend while the baby and I stay home.  It's rainy and the baby has been having a difficult time with a runny nose from cutting three teeth.  My hubby wanted bright colored shirts for them to wear because the camp grounds will be packed.  I added my own touch to each of them. :)

 My hubby loves Bass fishing so I used that as an inspiration for his and my oldest shirts.  My middle guy has been saying "really" for everything!  The other night my hubby told him if he kept saying it he would get a spanking.  Maxton replied, "Really (pauses) hard?"  He takes after my hubby :)

5. Linky Party:  I am hosting my second "Positive Products" linky party.  I hope you link up!

Also, stop over at Teaching Maddeness and enter a chance to win one of her classroom theme packs.  They are pretty AWESOME!


  1. I LOVE your boys' matching look! So cute! And that ribbon was a good find! Hope you had a great Spring Break!

    There's a Giveaway at Lucky to Be in First!

  2. I love your idea for an AR wait list. I've been racking my brain for ways to make it easier to keep kids in order and not fighting over computers. Can I Pin your idea??

  3. Jess, I love your AR wait list idea and just pinned it for this fall. Thanks for sharing. :) Your boys are precious! What a fantastic family photo!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. Loooove the Dr. Seuss ribbon.. what a FIND! I'm also a member of the 3-boys club. I just never take the time to coordinate outfits, haha!
    I'm Lovin Lit

  5. Yay for organizing! That's what Spring Break is for, right?! Cute little guys!
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  6. That is "really" funny! Last year, my favorites were "really?" and "seriously?" I said it so much my AP brought me a notepad that she had in a closet that said "Seriously?".


    1. LOVE IT! I have had several teacher friends ask me for a "Really" shirt. :) We do say it ALL day long!



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