April Budding Blog: The 4th Grade Journey

I can't remember what linky party it was where I first discovered Mandy's blog over at The 4th Grade Journey.  After sharing a few ideas we discovered that we teach in the same school district AND only a  couple of blocks away from each other.  To top it off we discovered that our husbands also use to work together!  What a small world we live in!

Mandy has shared some great activities she has done with her students along with some management tips as well over at her blog.  Hope you stop by and check out her blog and become her newest follower!

The {4th Grade} Journey

1. Why did you start blogging?

I have always loved to look at blogs and all the fabulous pictures teachers post about their day-to-day events. I talk about "teacher stuff" to my husband all the time, who listens but only halfway gets it, so I figured I might as well join the blogging world and blog with people who understand it all! 
Love this Fraction Activity
{It's a FREEBIE at her TpT store!}
2. Favorite subject to teach and why?

Math is by far my favorite subject to teach. I love being able to have students figure out solutions for themselves, and math is great for that. I personally learn best by being able to "do," so that carries over in my room. 
I LOVED this idea from Mandy's Blog!
3. Describe your teaching style.

I don't know that I can put a name to my style. I frequently change up what I do in my room to add variety. I'd say some of my best lessons are the ones that I change at the last minute and roll with them. I do love to bring excitement and laughter and REAL learning experiences. I have high expectations for my students and they know it. We move around a lot, work with partners almost daily, and when it's time to take a test, we don't stress, we get excited... because we know it's our time to "show off" what we've been practicing for so long. 

Mandy and Hubby, sweet picture!

4. Three Interesting Facts about you:

1. It's not official yet, but my husband will *most likely* get stationed in Florida this summer, meaning I'll be leaving NC.. sad face! Eglin Air Force Base, here we (might) come!
2. I have a huge collection of earrings. I buy more earrings than shoes/clothes/purses.
3. Instead of having a big wedding and attempting to get all our families together in one place, we decided to get hitched in Vegas! We still had the ceremony and white dress and all that jazz--only with a wedding planner and WAY less stress! 

5. I do have a TpT store. 

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