Let's Get Acquainted {Stranded on an Island}

This week Latoya has us listing our three must have items if we are stranded on a island.  My answers are going to be a little more on the fun side :)
1. Mt. Dew.  
I can't make it through one hour, day, week, or month without it!  There is no way I could survive the stress of being stranded on an island without it either! 
2. Internet.
I like to tell people about my business, hence my blog, facebook account, email account, etc.  I would have to tell SOMEONE or the WORLD about the crazy adventure of being on a stranded island.  Wouldn't you want to know how I turned palm leaves, twigs, and flowers into an awesome door decor for my hut?

3. Bikini.
I haven't worn one since I have had children, and since I would be alone and stranded on an island there would be NO ONE to judge me in my bikini.  :)


  1. Hey Jess -
    It's fun to read those! The bikini one cracked me up of course. I bet you could get real creative with palm leaves etc..but of course we would want to take a picture of what you made or did and put it on fb and then have it pinned and tweeted about, etc. etc. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. Oh! I love it! What a great idea to get to do something you haven't done since the kids were born!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. hahaha,really funny choice,don't imagine me on an island so I would just enjoy reading your variants:)

    Enjoy Teaching English


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