Mathematical Monday {Multiplication}

I have found with Common Core that there is a very large jump from 3rd grade multiplication to 4th grade multiplication.  In 3rd grade students learn repeated addition, arrays, and start to master their facts.   In fourth we jump into the distributive property, area model, standard algorithm for four digit by one digit and two digit by two digit.  All of which can be a struggle if students have not mastered their facts.

One way we work on mastering multiplication facts is with the use of a 3 minute step test, a worksheet with 50 problems and students move up levels, and a 5 minute multiplication chart test.  Last year  {when I just started this little ole' blog} I shared how we use a blank multiplication sheet to help students master their facts.  You can reread it HERE.

In 4th grade we teach ways to solve problems like this:

"Julie and Jake have the same birthday.  Julie is 12 and Jake is 24.  How many times older is Jake than Julie?"

You and I naturally would divide, well because we have an understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division. :)  Many of my students will automatically multiply 12 and 24 because they quickly identify the numbers and the word times.  One of my teammates taught me a trick to teach my students on how to solve problems like the one above.

# x G = P

#- number of times
G-number of groups

For the sample problem you would replace the G with 12, P with 24, and leave the #.  Students then solve for the #, # x 12 = 24.

This week we are in school for two days, today and tomorrow....Hallelujah!, and reviewing skills in Math and Reading.  Today we used Collaboration Cuties Thanksgiving Gobble BINGO board for Multiplication Freebie.  This was a great way to review two-digit by two digit multiplication!  The kids had fun while reviewing curriculum....SUCCESS!

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