M is for Mathematical Monday {Angles}

 Last week my fourth grade team put on a Math Fall Festival for our students.  We each reviewed a different math skill and tied it into a fall activity.

I created a craftivity to review measuring angles, 4.G.2.  Students measured the angles on a given circle using a protractor.  I had to remind them that their papers were NOT glued to their desk and to turn their papers to make it easier to measure all of the angles.  Some of them looked like they were going to break their necks :)
 I also used this activity to review how students could check their measurements, they ALL remembered that a circle measures 360 degrees and they could add up their measurements! SUCCESS!

Once all angles were measured students cut out their angles to create candy corn pieces.  They then taped them onto a piece of string to create a pennant banner.  Some students turned them into necklaces too.  I heard one student say she was going to hang it on her bedroom door.

For those who finished early I gave them a candy corn number sense sheet to practice writing numbers in standard, written, and expanded form.  I added the candy corn crafitivity to my Fall/Thanksgiving Math Practice pack.  This includes 24 task cards with a Thanksgiving theme for reviewing 4.NBT.1-6 and two practice sheets.


  1. The candy corn projects are absolutely precious, what a smart idea!

  2. I LOVE the candy corn! What a great project.

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