Spark Student Motivation {Science FUN!}

I am linking up with my BBB Joanne today to share how I keep my students motivated in Science.  Since the creation and implementation of my Interactive Science Notebooks I have seen my students develop a LOVE for Science!

We are currently working on Forces & Motion with a focus on static electricity a few weeks ago.  We completed the static electricity experiment using balloons and a variety of objects.  Students completed their Science Experiment foldable during the process.

 My kids LOVED rubbing the balloons on their heads!  The laughter and excitement was priceless!

Once their balloons were charged they tested objects to determine if the static electricity could cause motion.  I LOVED how excited this little guy got when he saw the straw move and stick to the balloon.  His smile says it all!

Students used a piece of plastic wrap, a rubber band, a metal bell, piece of a straw, paper clip, two different sized pom poms, and a plastic counter.

The girls had a blast creating new hair-dos with their balloons!   I couldn't stop laughing at them because they were trying to see who could get the "biggest" hair....flashback to the 80's!

 After our experiment I allowed them to pop their balloons outside...this was their favorite part. :)


  1. Your notebooks look great and I LOVE your girls' hair-dos! Hysterical! Science is so motivating when it's interactive! Thanks for sharing your awesome idea and linking up BBB!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. This post really makes me miss teaching science! The students look like they are having so much fun! I started using interactive notebooks for social studies this year. I definitely agree that they are highly motivational!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  3. Jess, I love your science interactive notebooks! They make teaching science {for the science challenged} so much easier, and FUN FUN FUN for the kids. I won your rocks and minerals interactive notebook {haven't used it yet because we're still slogging our way through life science}. I must buy this forces & motion notebook, as I always tend to skip physical science due to the fact that I don't understand it all myself. Yikes! I think this will help me immensely. : )

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  4. So fun!! Pinning this idea for when I teach force and motion!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  5. Of course they would love popping the balloons--that would be my first choice too. Anything hands on is an absolute must when it comes to science. Thanks for sharing

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  6. Great science ideas. Love your site and ideas on it. It sure is great to link up with others that have the same blog favs. Love the mentor texts, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Renee at Science School Yard


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