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Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my 2nd Blogiversary! 
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I am currently on bed rest thanks to my back deciding it was going to rebel anytime I moved by having multiple spasms.  I am enjoying taking some time off, but would rather do it without the pain...although the meds are helping a bit!

Today I wanted to share with you an online student portfolio one of my coworkers shared with me.  In the past I have always had individual student hanging files to keep all work samples, notes, and RtI information in.  Some files were larger than others and I always lugged them around to meetings and conferences.  Three Ring is the digital answer for student portfolios.
Three Ring is a free online student portfolio site, and is SUPER EASY to use!  Once you sign up you can download the app to you phone or classroom iPads to make it even easier to use!

Once you have created a class you simply add your students, you can even copy and paste your roster.  For those who have more than one class you are able to create as many classes necessary.  So if you teach all five 5th grade ELA classes then you can create a portfolio for each of your students and by class. Once your students have been added to your class you are all set to upload their work.

I created a portfolio for each of my boys to show you how the site works, it's also a great way for me to keep up with their work. :)

Once your students have been enrolled you are then able to provide them with their user name and password.  I love this feature because students can upload their own work samples and parents can view them!  In order for parents to view them you will have to provide permission for each item, but again it super easy.

I also like the idea of allowing students to upload their own work samples to provided them the opportunity to share what they feel is their best work and/or important to them.

There are two ways to upload work.  The first is on the webpage by adding an artifact simply upload the image as if you were attaching the item to an email.  The second and I think the most convenient for teachers is through the app.  

To add and artifact via the app you select the class, student name, and then picture, video, camera, note, or microphone.  To test it out I recorded my son reading the beginning of a book using the microphone.  What a great way to share with parents samples of their students reading aloud or presenting a project!

Once an artifact is uploaded you can go in an add a note, your notes are NOT shared with the student or parent. 

I love the variety of artifacts Three Ring allows you to keep!  What a great tool to have for parent conferences, data notebooks, RtI notebooks, teacher portfolios, etc.!!

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  1. I've used Three Ring on and off for the past couple years. It's a great web site! I use it for a while and then stop. Gotta get back to using it!

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