Close Reading: Big Ideas (Freebie & Contest)

As an Instructional Coach part of my responsibilities is to provide PLCs for my teachers once a week.  A few weeks ago I went over Close Reading strategies, tips, and big ideas.  Many of my teachers were not familiar with Close Reading and several didn't realize what they were doing had a name.  I wanted them to walk away from the PLC knowing why we use Close Reading in our lessons, ideas on how to use Close Readings, and a tool to use during their lessons.

After going over these Big Ideas I asked my teachers the following question, 
"What surprises you most about Close Reading?".

I ask you the same question.  What about Close Reading surprises you the most?  What do you like about Close Reading?  What do you dislike about Close Reading?

If you participate in my online PLC you will enter a chance to win a $5 shopping spree in my TpT store. :)  I will randomly choose TWO commenters to WIN!
(Winners will be announced Friday, Oct. 10th)

Everybody is a winner of my Close Reading Guiding Questions Flip Book!  I provided a set of Higher Order Questions for each of my teachers to use during their whole group or small group instruction.  Another great idea would be to make a set for each student to use during their independent reading or partner reading.

(Don't forget to leave some feedback love.)


  1. We practice Close Reading quite a bit in my classroom and after using these strategies for the past few years what surprises me the most is the insights and connections kids make to the texts they are presented with. Along with our STEM focus, students are much more engaged in the texts that support and/or contradict current areas of study. What I dislike about Close Reading is the time it takes...what I love about it is the time it takes and the connections students make.

  2. We haven't done too much with close reading in second grade...we are tied to our basal, so I would love to try it with some reading material that supplements the reading we are already doing.

  3. I love close reading. I've used the strategies in Notice and Note and I've also done multiple reads of shorter passages. My favorite close reading we did last year was the Preamble of the Constitution. It was amazing what they were able to draw out of it through the process of close reading.

  4. Just beginning close reading with grade 1...need to be able to read first! :) Starting next week! Thanks for sharing! Wendy 1stgradefireworks

  5. a work in progress; always looking for new and helpful ideas. thanks for sharing!


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