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Sunday my oldest son turned 8!  I can not believe how fast he is growing!  Xavier is a sweet and caring child.  He is the type of kid everyone wishes they had in their class, I know because I have been told this by several of his teachers!

He is the first to help someone, pray for someone, and appreciate what others do for him.  He loves to talk so we joke that he will most likely grow up to be a Pastor or Sports Castor.  :)

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LLI is new to me and I am trying really hard to figure it out!  I am struggling with determining if it is being effectively implemented in my school.  I would LOVE to know how you use it at your school (if you do)!  I think it is a valuable intervention, but looking for a better way for it to work at our school.
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One of the great things about being an Instructional Coach is when your hubby text you that he is in the ER for chest pain and shortness of breath you can drop everything and head to the hospital.  No calling in a sub, and no sub plans.

He was admitted that night for observation.  Still waiting to see if they figured out the cause.  He has been stumping doctors for three months now.

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I LOVE being an Instructional Coach!

I am working with a small group of 4th grade students three times a week in a small Guided Reading group.  This week we reviewed Drama and Prose and going back to the text to find evidence for answering the comprehension questions.

I think my favorite part of my day/week is going into the classrooms to observe the teachers and the students.  I normally go into the rooms for about 5-10 minutes.  This week I jumped in during a two math lessons to coach teach a little bit with the teachers.  I am grateful to work with teachers who are open to me doing this and aren't intimidated when I do.

After my walk throughs I ALWAYS leave the teachers a little note in their box praising them for something I observed.  This week I saw students acting out multiplication problems, students working together in collaborative pairs, and teachers teaching to mastery.  I love using bulletin board cutouts for my notes, I picked up these cute robots at Walmart for $.97!

I think my teachers appreciate my little notes because many of them will thank me, some have saved them, and some have told me they reread them when they need a little boost.  I can't say it enough I LOVE this job!

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Monday night I posted about Close Reading and asked you all to join in my "online PLC".  I randomly chose two commenters who each win $5 worth of products from my store. 

The winners are....Anne and Mommy24!

(Please check your email.)

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  1. Hi, I'm so excited to be one of your winners from above (Anne)! However, I didn't get an email in my inbox and am worried it may have gone to my spam. What name would I look for in my spam? Thanks!


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