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{Posting a little early :) }

My office is located in our Media Center and I am always checking out the books our Media Specialist places on top of the book shelves for display.  One day I saw "Math Attack" by Joan Horton and was quickly captivated by the art work on the cover.  I also wanted to take a closer look because it wasn't a Math text I was familiar with.

This story is about a little girl whose brain goes crazy after she is called on to answer 7 x 10 during arithimetic.  Numbers start spilling out of everywhere!

The author uses a wonderful vocabulary for describing what is taking place in the story.  During the story the little girl is sent to the nurse, on the news, the police are sent, along with the Nation Guard.

Finally, the gears start spinning in her head and she is able to find the answer to the multiplication problem.

As I was reading this story I thought about how difficult it is for students to remember their multiplication facts and how their little minds go into over drive when searching for the products.  I recently taught a model lesson in a 3rd grade classroom on multiplication strategies.  This book would of been a fantastic activating strategy, of course I found it after my lesson!  It is still a great book for my teacher to use during their multiplication unit.

Since I had a "wish I had found this sooner" moment I am giving you my model lesson for FREE!  I hope you enjoy it!  

Multiplication Strategies 3.OA.1
(Get it HERE.)

I recently just completed my 4.OA.1 lesson plan and added it to my TpT store. 


  1. This post could not have come at a better time! First, I've spent the weekend looking for literature to tie into math lessons, so this book will be fantastic! Second, my kiddos are currently wading through multiplication and, while most of them have a solid grasp, a couple of stragglers could use elements of this freebie in a small group setting to further cement their skills. Thank you!

    Revenge of the Thirds

  2. I am not familiar with Math Attack. It looks adorable. I will be checking it out.

    Quinnessential Lessons

  3. I'm going to have to check our media center to see if they have this one! We're having trouble memorizing our facts!


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