Summer Freebie and What I'm Wearing

It's Worksheet Wednesday over at The Teaching Tribune!  Today I have a summer themed FREEBIE for you!  I created a short passage about the history of the Lemonade Stand and included five text-dependent questions for the text.  

Click on either image to grab this freebie.

I created a color and BW version for you :)

I'm linking up with my girl Jivey for her new summer linky, What I'm Wearing Wednesday!
I'm not really a fashion person, I wear what I like and that's about it.  So this is new for me :)

I haven't worn this yet, but was so excited I had to share.  I will be wearing this for the 4th of July this year!  You may have seen it on Pinterest, but I was lucky enough to get my tank from a local online boutique.  (So local that my BFF lives in the owner's neighborhood and she delivers my goodies to my BFF's house...saves on shipping!)

Side Note:  see the HORRIBLE sunburn!?!  I went to the beach last week and brought back a painful full body sunburn.  It seriously hurt to wear clothes for two days!

This is what I wear for working out, okay to be honest this is basically my summer vacation attire.  My shirt says "A New York Girl in a North Carolina World".  I have been slowly loosing weight, but still see myself as my larger self.  I just received this in the mail and I think I ordered it a size or two too big. (The shirt above is a bit big too.)  I'm thinking of using ribbon to scrunch it up in the back similar to the tank above to help with the extra fabric.  Either way I have a new workout shirt!


  1. Very awesome and cool 4th of July tank - love the bow in the back. Ouch, that sunburn looks very painful. Also, love the new blog design! Happy Hump Day!

  2. I love the second tank top! Fits me perfectly too.

  3. That's a great idea to use ribbon! I have had that problem this past year- I see myself bigger than I am. I kept ordering one size too big every time I ordered anything, including spirit wear at school. Needless to say, I didn't want to wear my school shirt. :-/ Thanks for linking up!! I'm going to mail you some aloe!! ;-)

  4. Thanks for the great freebie! Cute patriotic tank. :0)


  5. Love the tank. Ouch on the sunburn, I have been in your shoes, I burn so ezsily and it does hurt! I am from New York too, where are you from? I grew up on Long Island. Keep up the workouts, looking good!

  6. Love your tanks! I need to be on a hunt for something festive for 4th of July.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I love both of your shirts!! Super cute!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  8. That is a super cute worksheet AND tank!!! I'm a MICHIGAN girl in a North Carolina world!!! :) Where are you at in NC??
    Mixing it up in Middle

  9. Love the lemonade stand writing!! Thanks for sharing! I saw your sunburn and cringed. I get burned like that so easily and then I am sicker than a dog for a few days.. hope yours didn't make you sick! Love your stinking tank tops. I don't wear them because I think my arms are too big... we all have some type of hang up, huh!


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