Monday Made It: 4th of July and Winners

I am linking up with Tara for this week's Monday Made It.  Last week my boys and I worked on some projects for the up coming 4th of July holiday.  I LOVE the 4th of July, being a military family makes this holiday a little extra special for us.

Every year I like to update my front door.  I new use the same wreath or decoration, only because there are SO MANY cute ideas out there!  This year I found a large "S" at Hobby Lobby and decided to dress it up for the 4th.

I forgot to take pictures as I was making it, but can tell you how I made it :)

1. Spray paint the letter white.
2. I used my Cricut to cut out chevron stripes and stars.  I wanted my lines clean and the same, but most of all it made the project go much faster.
3. I painted the top part blue.  
4. I applied my vinyl stripes and stars.
5. Finally, I cut my burlap ribbon and hot glued it to the letter where the two designs met.

My second project was for my boys.  Each year for the 4th I try to make shirts for them, this year I found an idea on Pinterest for them to make their shirts.  I started with plain white T-shirts from Hobby Lobby.

1. I painted their hands blue and had them place them on the shirt.
2. Once the hand print was dried I had my middle son and oldest son paint their red stripes.  I painted the baby's for my own sanity.
3. I used Crayola fabric markers to write their names and the year under each flag.

This captures his personality!

Congrats to Crystal for WINNING my 4th Grade NBT Bundle!  Thank you to all who entered and keep checking back for the 3rd and 5th grade set in the next several weeks!


  1. I love your S!! It's so cute! And the tshirts are adorable! Happy 4th to you!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. I was hoping the Crystal was me, but no such luck! I love the sign and shirts! I have boys and always see cute ideas for girls, so I was so glad to see this for boys. We will definitely be making these this week!

  3. Awww, the t-shirts turned out cute too!
    One Happy Teacher

  4. Those t-shirts are so cute! I want kids just so I can make them for them! That might be a fun flag day project for the classroom!

    Rosie's Rambles

  5. Your post brought a smile to my face! Each year, for 10 years we made t-shirts with my kids for the fourth. My kids are getting older, but boy it makes me think we should pick some t-shirts up to make your t-shirt model. We never tried that one. Cute!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  6. The S looks terrific! I love how each of the shirts have just a little bit different personality...sooo cute!!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  7. The t-shirts are GREAT! I love how each one is different! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  8. OMG! We did the same thing! I made my letter too:-) How funny! Your letter looks AWESOME!
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching


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