Spark Student Motivation {PIE in the Face!}

The kids last day was Tuesday and mine was Wednesday....YIPEE!  Before they left for the summer we had a class celebration to celebrate their successes. 

Our state changed the way they scored our assessments this year, students could earn a 1-5 instead of a 1-4.  To encourage them to do well I told my kids that if they earned a 3 they could throw 1 pie in my face, a 4 earned 2 pies, and a 5 earned 3 pies.

Our kids only test in Reading and Math so they had an opportunity to earn a chance to throw 6 pies in my face.  I am proud to say that I my students earned 62 pies!!!  A few students were absent and I had one sweet girl who didn't want to throw the pies at me, so I ended up with about 55 pies in the face.

I've done this before so I new to cover everything in plastic....learned that the hard way!

I think many of my kids were a little too eager to throw the pies! :)

I couldn't see a thing!!

Do you do anything fun to celebrate your student's achievements?


  1. You're such a good sport! How fun!

  2. Who had more fun? You or your kiddos?


  3. Love this - what a great motivator : )
    Good call on the plastic covering!!

  4. That's awesome Jess! This will be an event your students remember forever! I feel bad for the next teacher-you know they'll want them to offer the same incentive! :) Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. How fun are you!! What a great motivator! I might try this next year....MAYBE!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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