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We continued working on Idioms this week and used Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang's Idioms: Literal vs. Figurative product.  I loved my students illustrations for their idioms.  Here are a few of my favorites :)

Our social studies curriculum requires us to study famous landmarks of North Carolina.  We studied one of my favorite places this week, The Biltmore Estate.  We watch a few Youtube videos of some tours and my students were instantly intrigued!  They wanted to know more and had so many questions.  We finished up our lesson with a passage on the Biltmore.

Be a parent 1st ....not their friend
This is how I feel this week, except it should say teacher.  I have expectations for my students to pay attention, not to talk when I am talking, not to talk when others are working or during a test, to be respectful of each other, etc.  We actually all most likely have the same expectations for our students, but in my room if I tell my students to stop talking, pay attention, or be respectful that means I don't like my students.  This is according to my students and parents.  TGIF!

The Bermuda Triangle of Room 20.

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  1. Hilarious! Expectations=You don't like your students. HA!!
    I just had a meeting w/ a parent yesterday because she's concerned how I treat her son. Because I expect him to behave, pay attention, and follow directions, he thinks I don't like him. *smh* The life of a teacher.....

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    1. I have two conferences scheduled next week for the same reasons!


  2. I feel ya about the expectations and parents... I think they sometimes forget that we have these expectations not only to teach students about being respectful, but also to keep order. Hello.... having 27 kids in a room- you have to have high expectations in order for students to learn. Otherwise, it's straight-up chaos. I've noticed a lack of accountability lately with both students and parents. Its very frustrating when teachers are held so accountable and are made to look like the "bad guys." Mini-rant done :) I hope your meetings are purposeful and peaceful!!

  3. I don't understand so many parents! Why do they let their kids run the show and cater to their every need? Yes, someone does need to tell your child how to behave at school but that doesn't mean they don't "like" them! Ugh! TGIF is right. :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I 100% agree about the behaviors. Had 2 parent conferences this week where this was the focus. Yes, I am sure I am annoying your child who is disrupting class instead of completing work. I have conferences next week and I am not looking forward to more of this type of talk. I hope you have a chance to relax and recuperate this week.


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