Throwback Thursday {Meaning behind "I {Heart} Recess"}

Today I said goodbye to one of my friends and teammates.  I grew up as a military child and currently a military wife.  I have said my fair share of "good-byes" and each time they don't get any easier.  My friend's hubby got a new job and they have moved four hours away, not too far but far enough.  I had the privilege of working with T. for three years, two of them on the 4th grade team.  In honor of our friendship I wanted to re-share with you the meaning of "I {Heart} Recess".

 For Throwback Thursday I wanted to share my first post on I {Heart} Recess.  Since the post I have gained many wonderful new followers and wanted to give insight into the name of my little blog here.

Who's the New Blog on the Block?

I am excited to join the educational world of blogging!  I have a personal family blog (that I haven't been up to date with lately) that I love using to keep family and friends up on our family's happenings.  I look forward to keeping you up on lessons and activities I use in my classroom through I {heart} Recess.

I am in my eighth year of teaching, and currently teaching an Exceptional Children's 4th grade cluster class in North Carolina.  I love teaching, even on those challenging days, and creating creative lessons and activities to use in my classroom.  This is our first year using Common Core Standards, I should say navigating our way through CCS.

The "I {heart} Recess" title is inspired by my 4th grade team from last year.  I worked with a great team of ladies and we had some great conversations during recess, it was one of our favorite parts of the day!  During recess we discovered a lot about each other personally and professionally (we did keep an eye on our classes as well :) ).  We discussed students, plans, shared ideas, and educated each other on pregnancy, I was pregnant with my third son last year. Have you ever worked with a great group of teachers and hated seeing them leave or move grade levels at the end of the year?  

In honor of our recess conversations I am starting this blog to share ideas and lessons with you and hopefully get some ideas and tips from you as well.  I may also share tips and advice, as well as need some, on being a working mother of three boys :)

Recess for my 4th grade team was/is the time we become better friends not just coworkers.  Just like the kids we can't wait for recess to go outside and hang out with their friends.  Over the past three years our team has said good-bye to four teachers and welcomed several new members, even with the changes we continue to grow as teachers and friends while out on the playground.

I appreciate all of you joining me for recess on I {Heart} Recess where we share ideas to better ourselves as teachers and to make new friends. :)


  1. How fun! I love quality teachery bonding time :) We work so closely with one another - it's important to develop friendships through meaningful conversations, bouncing around ideas, and sharing life with one another.

    Sorry you're saying good-bye to your dear friend. I know how you feel - My dear teaching partner and I are split up this coming year and it's going to be tough!

    Joy in the Journey

  2. What a great story! I always wondered if there was a meaning behind it :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  3. Aww..that a great story. Good friends are sometimes hard to come by and its really sad when they go away:)

  4. That's an awesome story. Teacher bonding time is critical. I wish we could do more of it!


  5. Oh yes, recess is a great time to actually talk to another adult. I'm kinda sad that they are splitting the team up this year. Now it's not as bad as you might think. They are letting one teacher take out two classes while the other stays inside and can do such things as sleep, blog, eat cheetos, or hold study hall. But I won't get to see everyone every day. Gonna be weird.

  6. This all seems really strange to me! Here in New Zealand we don't watch our own classes for recess. (We actually just call it morning tea and lunch). At our school - of 400ish kids - we have 3-4 teachers on duty. They wander around the school and keep an eye on the kids. One on the play ground, one on the basketball courts, and one just on general roving. Then at lunch we have someone on library and time out. We aren't allowed to talk to each other during this time - because if we were we would be in the wrong place. It's great to hear how other people do things!
    The E-Z Class

  7. Previously, I had never read this post. I almost just cried. I moved from Pre-K in one district to 7th grade in another district two hours away. I truly miss the relationships that form during that recess time. I miss my old teaching team more than they know. I'm still new to my current district, so I'm curious how those relationships will form. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  8. Not seeing the story the first time around, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the story behind your blog name! I look forward to following your blog! Stop over to check out mine when you have a couple of minutes! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  9. I LOVE this! It like the name 10x more, now that I have read this! :)


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