Workshop Wednesday {Pinterest Ideas for Next Year}

Next year I really would like to utilize the Workshop Method.  I feel I tend to rely on the traditional way of teaching too much and need to grow a bit more.  I started to implement Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop last year, but behaviorally my student's couldn't handle it.  I have seen my roster for next year, a quick glance, and know I won't have the behavior issues as I did last year.  I like Daily 5 but feel that "centers" in reading are not very effective in the upper grades.  I strongly feel students should be reading during reading time and not working on busy work in a center.


I really want to try Math Workshop next year, and I found this Freebie for student rotation.  I do like the idea of centers in Math Workshop because students often loose information when it is not used.  I plan to use a Spiral Review format for my centers, similar to my weekly Monster Math Spiral Review product.


Workshop Notebooks
I hate searching through student notebooks looking for the page to review or grade.  Sticky notes don't always stay stuck, keeping the journals open and stacked take up too much space, and thumbing through the pages takes too much time.  I found this pin and I am DEFINITELY doing this!

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  1. Hey! I did Daily 5 in my 5th grade class for the last two years to great effect! I didn't have my kids doing centers. We did Read to Self (30 minutes of self-sustained silent reading), Reading Response Journals (Write about Reading), I used Reading Olympians and Expand Vocab as our Word Work, and then we had book buddies that we visited once a week for Read to Someone. My read-aloud counted as Listen to Reading.

    I pulled strategy groups and did individual conferences during our 2 thirty minute blocks of time each day. Each block was preceded by a 10 minute mini-strategy lesson.

    I think the kids' time was really well spent and it was a great way to teach reading. Don't write off the reading workshop model yet! You can make it your own and it can really work well. I'd find it really hard to go back to a more traditional way of teaching reading now.

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  2. I use the workshop method for both reading and math in my 4th grade class. I LOVE IT! My students have done very well with it over the last 3 years using this method. I love the idea of placing a ribbon in the back of the composition books to help locate the page you are looking to grade or read. I definitely be using that next year.

    Foreman Teaches

  3. I agree with Nick- I have only ever used Reading Workshop from grades 1-4, and it looks different in every grade, but it works wonderfully!
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  4. I didn't like Blog Lovin' at first, but I promise you will grow to really like it! I didn't like that I couldn't read blogs that I was following through the Blogger App on my iphone, but that is something I can do via Blog Lovin'. Also, you ARE able to keep track of the number of followers. I believe it also counts those who follow you through email.

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  5. Love the pin for composition's a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  6. I love the notebook and ribbon idea. Such a time saver. Thanks for sharing.



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