Currently & NC/SC Blogger Meet Up

Listening: no idea what this show is about, hubby is watching it.

Loving:  Holy Cow!  I just had my 200 follower giveaway in April!  I am now thinking about what to do for my 300 follower giveaway! Love you all!

Thinking: I have a HUGE to do list, thankfully my Monthly Goals will help me stay focused.

Wanting: I also need one bad!  It's beach time which means pedicure time!

Needing: I have walked two days now and packing my gym back for tomorrow, I will get back there!

Vacay essentials:  I am pale so sunscreen is a must.  Friends and Margaritas are essential to a girl time weekend vacay for me...I think I need one of these soon :)

blogger meet up

Gretchen over at Always a Lesson and Dana from Third Grade Gridiron are putting together a Carolina Blogger Meet Up.  I am homing to make this, as of right now I have nothing conflicting, I would LOVE to meet up with all of the awesome bloggers.  Sounds like a good time to me!


  1. I am with you on the huge to-do list! But I am determined to take plenty of me time this summer too. I haven't been to the Y in a couple of months, I will definitely be returning to regular workouts as soon as school is done! Have a great summer!

  2. Congratulations on having 300 followers!!!


  3. Oh Man! That work out thing is on the top of my list! You now have me as a follower! My dad lives in NC, and I love meeting bloggers from there! I have made it a personal goal to stay on top of my to-do list, so that I don't fall behind at the end of summer.

    I look forward to being a follower!

  4. Congratulations on your 299 Followers! I am celebrating my 11! :) Don't judge. I have a renewed commitment to keep up with my blogging. So far, so good.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts...
    You now have 300!

  5. Your blog is soo cute! Love the polka dotted background :) Found you through Currently June. How did you get so many followers! Do you have any tips for a newbie. :) I'm your newest follower.

    Owl Always Love Teaching First Grade

  6. Congratulations on reaching 300 followers so quickly! You monthly goals linky is helping me to be accountable. Thank you!

    Foreman Teaches

  7. You go girl!! And at least you have your gym bag packed! That's better than me! Let me know if I can help out with your giveaway again. :O)
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  8. Congratulations having 300 followers! I need to get to the gym too. That's one of my goals next week- to get back to it since school will be out. The margarita sounds good too, though.
    First Grade Found Me

  9. Congrats on 300!!! I had cold beverages on my essential list, too ;) Enjoy summer!!
    Fun in Room 4B


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