Made it Monday {Family Tree}

Many of you know my Grandma is not doing well, hospice has been put in place and she is taking one day at a time.  Last week the boys and I went to Florida for a quick visit and put to work :)  My Grandma wanted a Family Tree painted on her living room wall to place all of her pictures.  My parents took the boys and my sister and I got to work.  It took us two days, about 3-4 hours each day.

We didn't get to hanging the pictures and add the special features we have in store for her tree while I was down there, but my sister will be doing the rest and sending me a picture of the completed tree.  Grandma loves the tree and is excited to put up her pictures to enjoy her legacy.

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  1. How beautiful! Be sure to post some pics with everything added to the tree!
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  2. It looks BEAUTIFUL. Love it. I'm sure your Grandma will love it.

  3. What a beauty... the tree and ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is amazing--I would be one happy grandma too! Hey I'm also starting dollar days again--this time weekly on Wednesdays!

  5. Wow! That is great! What a special project!

  6. What a beautiful and special project! Looking forward to seeing when the pictures are up. Hospice is so wonderful.

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  7. I love this and I bet your grandma was just thrilled with it!
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  8. Oh, what a beautiful project. I'll bet that the finished product will be gorgeous!

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  9. What a beautiful tribute for your Grandma! Such a sweet idea!


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  10. I love this idea. My grandmother is moving from her home to an assisted living community. I wonder if I could do a mini size tree onto foam core and have it framed?


  11. Beautiful! What a special way to honor your family!

    Prayers for your family and your Grandma!


  12. I love this! It turned out beautiful. I hope you'll post a picture once she adds the pictures!

  13. Awwww, how sweet and special for your grandmother! That's so awesome you got to go down there and help with that!

    I'm sorry to hear that she is not doing well. You and your family are in my prayers! I'm glad you got to go down to see her and make her so happy!
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  14. What a wonderful way to celebrate your Grandma's life, Jess, while she's still here to enjoy it. Hopefully, you can call her every day as long as she feels up to it with questions about family members their stories as well as about her young years and growing up. You could type them all up and make a booklet for her to enjoy. Your family will benefit from it too. I love doing projects like this, especially when I know it will bring someone happiness.


  15. What a great idea! It looks amazing! Your grandma looks so happy, too!
    God bless her :)
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  16. OMG -- I LOVE THIS! What a special way to remember your family. I'll keep good thoughts for your grandma.

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  17. That turned out so great! What a wonderful idea and such a nice thing for you to do for your Grandma! Sending good thoughts your way!

    Cathy :)
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  18. What a beautiful idea. I think my parents would LOVE something like this. My grandma passes away a few months ago and I know she would have loved something like this too.
    One thing they did in Hospice for my dad's family was traced all their hands including my grandma's and put them on a paper with a verse. It was beautiful. Just a thought of another treasure your family could put together.
    I will keep you, your grandma and family in my prayers.

  19. Jess - I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma...hospice is so wonderful during difficult times. They were so good for my mom. God bless you friend.
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  20. That is so sweet. You can see that she loves it!

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  21. I'm so sorry about your grandmother, no matter their age or yours... knowing that the end is near is never easy! The tree looks great and I can only imagine how special it is to your grandmother! I would love to have something like that one day! :)


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  22. I have wanted to do this in my classroom forever (or a hallway) to display art projects on! I love this idea even more and I am sure your grandma does too! Can't wait to see the finished pic! Heather @ Learning with MrsLangley

  23. Oh my gosh Jess, that tree looks AMAZING! You and Valerie did such a nice job! And, how proud your grandma looks! You've given her something to cherish! Can't wait to see it with the pictures on it!
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  24. Love the tree! I have been looking for one to paint on my wall and this is it. Where did you download the image from to project? We were planning to use a projector and then trace and paint. Any suggestions? What kind of paint did you use?



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