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I'm linking up with Kreative in Kindergarten and Keeping up with Mrs. Harris for their planner linky.  I'm new to EC planners, I know shocking right! I'm even newer to the idea of using stickers and cutesy planners!  Who knew decorating your weekly plans in a planner made life even more exciting!?!


Etsy has a plethora of sellers for EC or any planner stickers.  My favorite is Libbie and Co., lover her colors and quality of the stickers.  I also have stickers from Glam Planning and a few scrapbooking stickers from Hobby Lobby.

This week starts off pretty busy for my family, boys have VBS and I am in a three day workshop.  I also start an online class tomorrow.  I'm starting back on a healthy eating plan this week and going to try to keep up on my water intake (water bottle stickers will help with this).

 I love quotes!  I've started to add them to my weekly planner to help motivate me, keep me focused, or just for encouragement.  This week I want to focus on my kids this week and try not spend so much of my time doing other things.  I used the EC stickers to keep up with my meal planning for the week.

I need to find better pens, I don't really care for the ballpoint pens that I've been using so if you have any suggestions please share your favorites!  Last week I was in a training and sitting in the front row (not by choice) and the presented noticed my EC planner.  She brought me hers and asked me how I use mine because she only used the monthly layout in hers.  My advice was to make it cute. :) Spending the time to plan and beautify my week helps me accomplish all the things I have planned. :)


  1. My favorite pens are PaperMate Flair pens - all different colors! I love the EC Planner - I'm on my 4th year using them and think they're the BEST!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. I have been going back and forth about getting one of these planners. I have bought cheap ones and I am bad about following through with using it, but maybe using cute stickers will make me stick with it. I love the flair pens. They write smooth and come in really pretty colors. You can get them at Wal--Mart and Target.

  3. I agree Flair pens are my favorite! I have a set for school and a set for home!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. I love your planner! So cute! It looks like all your priorities are right where they need to be.

    Fit to be Fourth

  5. This is super cute! I'm gonna need to go check those stickers out!

  6. This is absolutely adorable!!!! Thanks so much for sharing and joining up in our linky fun! Send me an email later today so I can add you to my list of participants. :) I want to do something fun for the next link up!

  7. I love the Pilot Frixion erasable gel pens - lots of colors and erases smooth!

  8. I am an ECLP user too and I love the Staedtler fine liners. The flairs were too thick for me - but they have a finer marker pen now too! I also love buying stickers from etsy. You should check out Willowfields and Planner Frenzy - I feel like they have the best prices - and I love stickers so I need to get a lot of bang for my buck!
    Thanks for sharing

  9. The staedtler fine liner pens are amazing! I absolutely love the fine tip and the plethora of colors! You should definitely try them out. Your stickers are super cute! I tried stickers at first, but it just wasn't for me. Instead of using them, I just admire others' planners that use them. If you like cutesy, you might want to check out woodland cottage farm on Etsy. She makes fabric planner holders that are gorgeous! I'm glad you linked up! :)

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