Spark Student Motivation with a FREEBIE!

This year I am at a school that does not have AR.  I have always used AR and wasn't sure what I wanted to use this year to motivate students to read.  I found out that several of the teachers at my school completed the 40 Book Challenge last year and I am hoping to get all teachers on board this year.

As Instructional Coach I hope to encourage and support my teachers with motivating their students to READ! :)  To help address this I created my newest FOREVER FREEBIE!

The 40 Book Challenge Freebie Pack includes a Reading Log for students to complete as they read selected genres.  Students are to write the title of the books read in each of the boxes.  I have included a Reading Log in cursive in color and BW along with one in Print for the primary grades also in color and BW.  To motivate students I created bracelets for them to wear when they have read 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 books. 

I plan to suggest to my teachers to require students to keep their Reading Log in their Reading folder/notebook or Independent Reading Book Bin.  I created the bands in BW so you could save on color ink by printing them on different colored paper.

I would love to hear how you use or used the 40 Book Challenge in your classroom!


  1. This is super cute, but I'm sure glad we have AR!!!

    4th Works

  2. I am so going to use this with my kiddos this year - and I just have to share what we use! it's a fabulous tower of books challenge that really got my kids motivated! The tower has a list of books that students can read, like primary authors, folktales, nonfiction… or you can just have your kids choose their own books. I was so happy I found this last year, and now I'm going to add your bracelets to it :-)

  3. Love this! What do you do for lower grade students who read picture books? 40 books doesn't seem enough books over the year.

    What I Have Learned


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