Five For Friday

It's been a very busy week for me!  This is the time of year when things start to get crazy again!  Can you believe it's August already!?!  Where has the summer gone?

GOOD NEWS!  My hubby went to the cardiologist this week and his health problems are NOT due to any HEART issues!!  The doctor even took him off one of his meds and cleared him to start working out again!  Praise God!  He goes to the GI doc in two weeks, so hopefully we get some answers soon!

I've spend most of my week in training or working on moving the book room at my new school.  Below is what half of the new book room looks like after moving one section of the old one.

And here is half of the mess that is left over that still needs to be taken care of.  Thankfully, a few of my new coworkers have been coming in to help me out!  I owe them a treat of some sort!!!

 Ready for another Back to School Sale? Ready or not, it's coming!!
Everything in my store will be marked 20% off, except my bundles will be marked down 10% since they are already such a huge savings. Then, use the code BTS14 to get an ADDITIONAL 10% off! That's a huge savings! You can really stock up on some awesome stuff to get ready for your year!
Looking for some great products to purchase during the sale?  Check these out....

Monster Math Battle! - Multiplication tables 0-12 - fact fluency

Monster Math Battle! - Division tables 1-12 - fact fluency                             Monster Math Battle! - 2 digit addition with and without r

I am going to grab Nick's Monster Math Battle...these products are AWESOME!  I own the Multiplication version, but going to grab the addition and division during the sale.  I often find it difficult to find products or books that appeal to the boys in my classroom and this one definately does!  I also love the how there is a "tournament" among the monsters, what a great way to motivate kids to practice their facts!

I have bundled my 4th grade NBT products!  I am still working on the Division one, but if you purchase the bundle NOW you will be able to grab it at a lower price and can redownload the file once I have updated the product with NBT.6.

I have also created a second Interactive Science Notebook Bundle!

Check out some other products you might like to buy!

Sooooo don't you need some extra money to spend during this sale??? We've got your back!

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  1. So glad to hear that the doctors are starting to figure out why your husband hasn't been feeling well. Hope you guys get some answers soon!
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