Do you use Facebook for your blog?  In your classroom?  Lately I have been thinking about Facebook's positives and negatives.  I currently don't have one for my blog, but have been thinking about it.  Not sure it would be beneficial or just another page people follow and never go back to, I have few of these pages...haha.

Our Superintendent doesn't want us to use Facebook in the classroom or have a school FB page, although we are able to have a PTA FB page.  We are encouraged to use Edmodo instead.  I have noticed a large number of products on TpT that utilize FB's layout (456 Free items) for character analysis, student information, and etc.; I do think students would {heart} these types of activities.  Have you used any of these, if so how did your students respond to the activities?

Smart Chick Teacher Blog

Smartchickteacher.webpress.com has a free FB Character Biography sheet I plan to try out with my class here.

I know I have a lot of questions tonight, but I have really been thinking about this lately.  Also, do you have parents or students on your personal FB page?  Administration?  I personally do not become friends with current students or parents on FB, but will accept request from former students and parents (I am particular though).  I have also friended my Principal and Assistant Principal as well.  I don't post status related to work, except for the blanket statement "What a day!" :), and try not to post too many personal status (this is often difficult because FB is how I keep up with family and friends all over the world).  Just curious as to your thoughts and personal policy on using Facebook related to work.

Working on our biography unit for next week is what prompted my Facebook questions, I know my mind wandered a bit :).  I created the following worksheet for my students to use for organizing information from our text.  The first three people to comment on this post discussing FB and provides their email will receive this for FREE :)


  1. I have a fb page for the blog. I post every product I upload and give a couple of copies away. I also like to share education type pictures and ask random questions.

    I have 2 accounts (with 2 email accounts) as well. One is with school email that former students and PTO has found me. I don't really do anything with it though. I'm friends with my principal on that one. My personal one is where I share my life.

  2. I refuse to friend any current or former students, parents or co-workers using the excuse that I only use fb to keep up to date with my younger (cousins) family members. I have heard too many times other co-workers complaining what parents / teacher say about the school, other teachers and other parents on fb. I have the motto what I do not know won't hurt me. It just seems to get too gossipy & can get hurtful. yuck!

    Now regarding fb and my blog.... I have thought about adding a fb account to my blog to increase traffic since most of my co-workers / famlies do not know / follow my blog. I do have a classroom blog that I kind of update here and there. But then again will it just be another page that people will follow but never go back to just like you said. Just seems to be a waste of time. Even though I do LOVE when Farley posts on her fb page. She is one of the only ones I follow on fb. Maybe 2 different pages like Emily stated in her comment above. So there is definitely pros and cons.


  3. One thing I've done with my kids is make them feel like they are on Facebook in the classroom- I put chart paper out at each group and have them "post a status"- depending on what I feel like of course haha- sometimes it's a check-in on their weekend or their life, how they feel, etc... But I try to make it like a review of some sort. They write about how they feel about what they learned (and include what they learned) or even pretend to be someone in history (like we did with American Revolution- "George Washington is relieved they made it across the icy Delaware River."). Then for the fun part: they go around the room and comment on status messages or "like" them- but they MUST comment on at least 3. It's a great way for the kids to see what others are thinking too without having a 20 minute conversation! And of course I get in on it too- I try to comment on different people every time because they get so excited to see what I will say. :-P hope that helps!!
    ideas by jivey

  4. I have also thought about adding a FB page for our blog but it's another something to keep up with and will people just "like" it and that's it? I'm not sure...Our principal and AP do not friend staff or community members because it's personal. I don't have parents or students as FB friends with the only exceptions being the roommom I had for 2 years that I now call my good friend and a student who has graduated high school (gosh I'm getting old!!!!!!). I try to keep it personal friends but I still know that I do have my coworkers as friends so I am very careful what I post. I do like getting to know the teachers on my staff personally, especially the ones I hardly ever see. It gives us a connection.

    Not sure if that helps...I have the same questions you do. If you figure it out, let me know! ;O)

    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I personally don't want a Facebook page for my blog, because:
    (1) You have to create some original content for them - there has to be a reason for people to subscribe to your FB page and not just check the blog regularly.
    (2) If my readers are anything like me, they are busy with work/family/social events, etc. at times. There are some periods where it's difficult enough to find time to sit down and catch up on blogs, so I'd rather not give them a Facebook page and blog to follow.

    Just my thoughts. I guess they are useful to some bloggers but I haven't wanted to bother with one yet.


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