Yay! It's working!

I haven't posted since last Friday because I have been working on my personal goals.  I wanted to thank everyone for leaving comments!  I normally like to respond but I have been super busy...please forgive me :)  In regards to many comments I do work for a great administration team.  They are very supportive of my teaching (we do disagree on somethings when dealing with other issues) and provide my class with a lot of extra support as well.

This past week we have been implementing our new reading small group instruction, and yesterday I was validated that it is working!  The students had to answer comprehension questions relating to Runaway Ralph and write their responses on a sheet of paper.  EVERY paper I graded had complete sentences, correct answers, and great reasoning!  When I passed the papers back I told the kids to go home and put them on the fridge.  My support team (Tutor, TA, Floating teacher, & EC teacher) praised them and did a happy dance as well to show them how proud we were.

We  started Long Division yesterday, oh how I loathe it, so today we attempted using our small groups for math.  It worked well for reteaching, but we will definitely will have to continue to keep practicing.

I personally am continuing to try to work on my personal goals for 2013.  This week I lost 3 pounds! I use Myfitnesspal.com to keep track of my workouts and calories.  Tuesday we had a staff meeting and I had a cupcake and two mini cupcakes, I ended up having to go to the gym so I could have enough calories to eat dinner.  I {heart} sweets too much!  This tool keeps me accountable and I {heart} it!  My husband also had me create him an account because he saw how well it was working for me.

Calorie Counter
(This is my total weight loss since July)

I also have left work by 3:45 every day!  I have limited myself to socializing one day a week and even then I try to keep it to 15-20 min so I can still leave earlier than normal.  So far 2013 is off to a great start!


  1. Good for you! It sounds like you've had a great week!!

    Long division is the best part of 4th grade! (sarcasm) ;O)

    I didn't even teach long division- do you know about using partial quotients? I just learned it last year...let me know if you want more info. Sometimes it's easier for our struggling learners. :O)


  2. I just started using myfitnesspal and it is a great tool! I'm only down 3 lbs but hey! it's a start! Good luck!

  3. I've been doing "Math Workshop" (AKA guided math) for the last couple years - changed it up a little this year and feel fairly comfortable - I plan on doing a blog about it soon, but would love to help you in any way I can if you want! It's one reason I wanted to start blogging- in hopes of giving and receiving help with fellow awesome teachers! ;-)

  4. PS congrats on the weight loss!! I'm on my own journey, too!


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