Wild Wednesday!

My WILD child!

Has the full moon effected your students!?! My room was crazy today, along with some other classes. When I picked up my Kindergartner from the sittters today he said nine classmates changed their color and there is now a naughty list in their class. My first question was, "Did YOU change your color"? and my second statement was, "Your class was like mine today"! Not only did it have an effect on my students it effected my middle son, who is 4. He had a 15 minute fit over a bowl of cereal tonight! He is diagnosed ADHD and ODD so I was just waiting for his melt down.

 During our crazy day today we worked on Characterization with Text Development, RL 4.3: Describe in depth a character in a story or drama drawing on specific details in the text. I created the sheet below for my students to utilize. We are reading Skylark and they were required to choose sentences from the text that showed a character's thought, feelings, or actions. They then analyzed the text and determined what the specific sentence told us about the character. They did a good job with this activity so I am going to share it with you :) When I use it again with a different story I think I am going to have my students choose three sentences from the text and then have their partner analyze the text to determine what the given information tells the reader about the character.

 I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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