Teaching Place Value: Two for Tuesday

This week's Two for Tuesday is especially for you 3rd and 4th grade teachers!  If you are new to these grade levels or just looking for new ideas on how to teach Place Value these products are perfect for you!

Lesson planning always takes time, and often I felt like I was trying to pull ideas and resources from so many different places. I've done the work for you when it comes to teaching 3.NBT.1 and 4.NBT.1

This product includes FIVE days of detailed lesson plans and everything needed for each lesson.  The lessons build upon one another and include interactive notebook pages, games, cooperative learning, exit tickets, and independent/homework assignments! This is a foundational skill for your third graders and the reason I created a week's worth of plans for your.

In fourth grade this standard focuses on the value of each digit and how it's value compares to the same digit located in a different place value. This product includes ONE day's lesson plan and everything needed to teach the lesson.

I've included a detailed lesson plan, math investigation, anchor chart, interactive notebook pages, cooperative learning structure, independent practice, and a homework sheet.

You can grab your first Math standard's lesson plans this week at 50% off!

If you love these lesson plans please check out and grab similar lesson plan bundles I have created for 3rd and 4th grade at 20% off.

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