Monday Made It: Nautical Bathroom

 I'm SUPER excited to share this week's #MondayMadeIt!  This was a week long project that turned out amazing!  We have lived on our house for six years now and as my boys are getting older I am taking my house back!  If you have little kids you know what I mean, you too are tired of the toys all over the place, the kiddie decor, and their "masterpieces" (aka writing on the walls) on every surface.

We purchased our house brand new and still have the builder grade flat paint in several rooms. This paint is not kid friendly!  It shows every dirty hand print, smudge, and food. Did I mention I have THREE BOYS! :)

 I've been busy pinning bathroom ideas for the boys' bathroom for awhile now and finally found a design my hubby also liked. I LOVE the fresh look of wainscotting!  I know your wondering why I went with white with three boys. :) In our half bath we did a white beadboard wainscotting with dark brown, it is actually easier to take a Clorox wipe or Magic Eraser and clean up than the flat paint. 

We choose a light gray paint to go with the white because this is a small bathroom with no natural light.  One day we hope to add a small window above the shower. My hubby did an amazing job with the paneling!  He did get a new nail gun out of this project, so he was pretty excited about that too.

I purchased the shower curtain and hooks first for this project, which is where we got the idea to go with a light gray since the shower curtain has silver stripes.

 Last week Hobby Lobby had all their metals, pictures, and almost everything else on sale for 50% off. We picked up the boat wall hanging, anchor towel bar (not sure what it's actual purpose is, but perfect for the hand towel), and the small blue boat.

We also purchased the frames, oar, and red hooks from Hobby Lobby. I LOVE red and have to have it in every room. Thanks to the boat wall hanging and hooks I was able to throw in some pops of red. 

I picked up navy blue towels at Target and personalized them with some heat transfer vinyl...I'm addicted to that stuff!

A lesson we learned during this project was, don't forget that adding molding will make take up space.  Last night we finally finished and starting putting up the finishing touches. Went to hang they mirror back up and discovered the the molding on the small wall cuts into the space needed for the mirror...oops!  Thankfully my hubby was able to trim down the molding above the toilet to get the mirror to fit.

While at Target I picked up these bathroom accessories. The white trim and gray center were a perfect match for the bathroom.  Since I add vinyl to anything that doesn't move I had to use them as an opportunity to add a little more red. :)

Voila!  I used the same anchor on the towels to help tie all the pieces together.

I LOVE how the boys' bathroom turned out!  During this project my hubby said to me, "How did I know that you weren't going to just relax this summer, and that you were going to start some project?'. He knows me too well.  Now to pin how to remove carpet from the stairs and how to replace the treads.


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  2. Love how the bathroom turned out! My husband bought his house before we ever met. Every summer I tackle one room to make it more "feminine", next to go is the dark chocolate leather furniture and dark brown carpet!

    1. Eeew...dark brown carpet...I hope you get your way soon :) I wanted new furniture last year. I had it all picked out. As soon as we got home from shopping my youngest spilled milk on the couch. I immediately decided against the new furniture. Maybe in two more years I can get my living room set. :)

  3. oops! Made a mistake above! LOL LOVE your bathroom design! Where did you get the shower curtain? I am doing the same theme in my sons bathroom.

    1. Thanks Stephanie!
      I picked the shower curtain up at Marshalls along with the hooks. It's hard to tell in the picture but the hooks look like knotted rope.

  4. Darling! We have been thinking about doing our bathroom over - this is inspiring! I enjoyed your blog post! Pam  Visit my blog at PJ Jots!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! Your boys' bathroom is swoon worthy! We are moving into a new to us house in July and I am already sorting through pins looking for what I want to do in the house. You have a knack for decorating!! LOVE!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. That is such a cute bathroom idea! You did a wonderful job!

  7. Love the wainscotting and all the personal touches!

  8. Great job on your bathroom makeover! Your accessories are so cute with the anchors. I love your husband's comment. I am the same way in the summer. There are so many projects to tackle.

    Elementary Engagement

  9. Oh wow! Your bathroom makeover is absolutely wonderful! I would be excited too if I was you!!! Love everything about it! That gray! My bedroom and office are a light gray...I love it...peaceful! Beautiful! Thanks for linking up;)

  10. Nailed it!! I love everyone room in gray! And the vinyl you added to the small details ties everything in so beautifully!

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