Worksheet Wednesday-Magnets!

Today's Worksheet Wednesday with The Teaching Tribune is for ANY subject!  I know many grade levels teach Magnets in Science so I thought I would make today's FREEBIE be something that could be used in several grade levels.

My Magnets Find-Someone-Who is part of my Magnets Science Interactive Notebook.  If you have never used Find-Someone-Who in your classroom it is a great cooperative learning strategy I encourage you to try this new school year.

Directions: Provide each student with a copy of the sheet below.  Students go around the room "finding someone who" can answer any one question on the page.  Students continue finding classmates who can answer a question until all of their questions have been answered.

Teacher Tips:
#1 Have students write their class number in the box that they answer on a classmates page so you know who answered the question.

#2 To check answers call on a student to provide the answer for question number one.  The student who answered it on their paper (you know from the class # being written along with the answer) will provide the answer to number two.  Repeat the steps until all answer have been reviewed with the class.

#3 Once a student has all questions answered on their paper they return to their seat.  This helps you know who has finished.  Students who are seated are still available to answer questions on those who are still finding someone who.

Do you teach Magnets?  If so what grade level?

Do you use Find-Someone-Who in your classroom?


  1. What a fun way to review the information learned about magnets! Thanks for sharing.
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing! This will be a great way to get the kids pumped up for magnets, to see what they know, and let them know what they will be learning. I love "Find Someone Who" It is a great way to get EVERYONE involved in a safe environment.

    Movin' In Third Grade

  3. I have never heard of Find Someone Who except as a beginning of the year ice breaker activity. What a great idea! Thank you so much!

  4. Do you have an answer key to the Find Someone magnet activity?


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