Back to School Goals...Reflect & Set New Goals

I recently read Kaitlyn's post from  Smiles and Sunshine and loved that she went back and reflected on her Back to School Goals from the linky I did last year.  So, following her lead I am going to reflect on mine, and set new ones for the upcoming year.  I hope you link up your reflection post and/or set some new goals for the 2014-2015 school year.

Here are my goals from last year:

How I did:

Personal:  I did it!  I left everyday by 3:30 to workout all the way up to January.  My trainer was no longer able to keep my class time so I had to stop that, but I did not stop leaving work by 3:30!

Organization:  I was very good at this, I didn't do it all the time, but was better than past years.  

Planning:  I kept up on my planning.  I wasn't always two weeks ahead, but was at least a week ahead with ELA planning.

Professional: I didn't do to well with this.  I think my goal was a little much.  I did accomplish implementing Reading and some Writing Workshops.

Students: We had fun!  I had a great group this year and they loved activities and craftivities!  I think I was challenged more than they were, they were a bright group, but I feel I met the challenge. :)

Motto: I focused a lot on my motto.  We started the year reading Wonder and used it as the basis of treating others with respect.  I wanted my children to have respect and love for each other.  I also snuck in God into lessons.  Many of my students were Christians and I knew I could without creating waves.  

Link up how you did on your 2013-2014 Goals here:

Now on to this year!  Here are my goals for 2014-2015:

My goals are a bit different this year due to leaving the classroom, but they are ones I hope to achieve.
I won't have any students to work with, but all of my teachers will and I want to ensure that they are using collaborative learning in their classrooms to increase student involvement.  Many of my teachers don't know about Scoot, task cards, or cooperative learning structures...yet :)

My new school has a brand new administrative team and there are going to be many changes at the school and district level.  My motto is to remind me and them that with change comes challenges and growth.

What are your goals for this school year?  Here is the template for you to use and link up!

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  1. Ekkk, just looked back and I failed at just about every one of my 2013-14 goals!! I WILL do better these next 6 months.

    Thanks for the linky!!
    Learning to be awesome

  2. Nice job on your goals last year! I love both of the mottoes you chose. This is a great linky! I will be back later this week to link up my goals. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. I'm sure that you'll do a wonderful job at supporting your teachers and introducing them to new things! Change isn't always easy, but you can learn a lot through the process. Have fun!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  4. I love this! What a great idea! I'd love to link up. Great goals! Love your motto. ;)


  5. I will have to do this tomorrow! I need to go to bed...cheer practice at 7AM! I looked back at last years...uh oh! Maybe I should print this year's off and tape it into my planner! :)
    Can't wait to see everyone's goals! Good luck on your new adventure, Jess!
    Thriving in 3rd

  6. What an awesome linky party!! I love the idea of reflecting on past goals too!! Am totally linking up so I can have a chance to reflect next year!! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  7. What a wonderful Idea! I love goal setting for my students, so this is perfect for me. Exciting to have a plan.


  8. These are awesome goals! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  9. LOVE that motto!!! Change isn't always a bad thing!

  10. Awesome goals!! Congratulations on meeting most of your goals from last year. I love both your mottos.

  11. What a wonderful linky party! Thank you for hosting! I must confess that I am a huge Google Docs fan!! Also, your motto is a great one! Change is a good keeps things interesting!


  12. This is AMAZING! I love showing my students the goals that I have set for the year/semester/quarter and encouraging them to do the same. Every quarter each student sets a new goal and they reflect on it before the quarter ends.


  13. This is my first ever link-up! This gives me a total of THREE ENTIRE blog posts. Thank you for the opportunity to share. I'll be off to read others' goals as soon as I post this comment.


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