Mathematical Monday {Fractions on a Line Pot}

Today I am sharing a quick post about Fourth Grade Flipper's Line Plots with Fractions.  I purchased this last year during TpT's Back to School Sale.  I knew I wanted a hands on activity to use for this skill, and this was the perfect product for it!

I ran my copies and cut out six sets of cards for my students to use.  The objective of the game is to earn the most pizza for your pizza party.

My kids LOVED playing this game!  Once they chose a card the recorded the amount of pizza earned on their line plot.  Students could earn 0-8 slices.

My favorite part of this game was the extension sheet.  Students didn't just create a line plot, but they were also required to answer questions related to their personal line plot.  Students had to add up the total number of slices to determine who earned the most pizza for their party.

Line Plots with Fractions Math Center {aligned to Common Core}

Check out HERE.

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