Mathematical Monday {Long Division}

We started long division last week, what a great skill to start right after Christmas, and I decided to make it a hands on lesson in hopes of getting the kids excited for long division.  I taught the standard algorithm this week and will teach the partial quotient method next week.

Monday we reviewed basic division facts using Fan-N-Pick. I then read Divide and Ride to my class, they really enjoyed this book and it helped to introduce the concept of remainders.  Students then worked on our district's Meaningful Math task.  Students try to solve the problem using inquiry based learning.

Tuesday we had a two hour delay and did not get to math, which was good for them.  They became frustrated with Monday's task because they weren't getting it.  I am a firm believer in giving my kids a little break to regroup and refocus.  If they are frustrated, learning will not take place.

Wednesday I taught my students the steps to long division with the saying "Dad (divide), Mom (multiplication), Sister (subtract), Brother (bring down), Rover (repeat/remainder)". I also used my friend Mandy's, from The 4th Grade Journey, Long Division product to help organize the steps.

I created number cards and had students color one row blue, two rows orange, and two rows green.  I chose these colors because these were the colors Mandy used in her product. They then cut them out and organized the groups on their desk.

Students then copied the problem from the Smartboard onto their desk using the number cards and dry erase markers.  Together we solved the problem step by step using the number cards.  This really helped them to see and understand working with place value.  We did a few problems together, then a few with partners, and then one on their own.

Thursday my kiddos were excited for math, they couldn't wait to use their number cards and to write on their desk again!  We reviewed and repeated the steps from Wednesday, but at the end of the lesson they used their cards to help them solve division problems on their assignment.

Finally, on Friday my students solved long division problems without their number cards, but did use their notebooks to help remind them of the steps for long division.

Using the number cards and color coded division I feel my students were able to have success with long division.  Next week we will try the partial quotient method, but first I need to make sure I have a good understanding of it. So, this weekend I am practicing and watching several youtube videos. :)

I am sharing the number cards I created for you to use in your classroom for long division or any other activity you may need them for. :)


  1. Sounds like you did a GREAT job teaching long division. I truly do NOT miss teaching that junk! :) Thanks for the shout out, friend!

    The 4th Grade Journey

  2. Hi Jess!

    So glad I found your blog and your Mathematical Monday Linky! Math is my favorite and I linked up with you today! It looks like you made long division way more exciting and fun than the way I learned it! That's awesome your students can write on their desks. Very convenient! Have a great rest of the week!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

  3. Our fourth graders just took their long division test today. We used the area model method and the kids loved it! They understood division (concept and process!) better than in previous years because it connected directly to our multiplication unit. Here is a Youtube video that we used: Maybe it will work for you guys too!


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